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Boyfriends Ranked From Faithful To Bad-A Cheaters Based On Their Zodiac Signs

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This zodiac sign is someone who is loving, caring, and faithful. If you date a Cancer, you shouldn’t be worried because he is a keeper. They love being in a relationship and if you are the right one for them, they will do anything to keep you.

Your happiness is much more important than his and he is going to leave you only if he goes through a lot of pain in your relationship. Cheating is never an option for them because they simply don’t want to ruin the future they have already pictured with you!


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The king of the jungle likes to experiment with different partners. Since Leos are the perfectionist-kinds of boyfriends, their partners need to be perfect as well. He won’t settle for anything less because he knows he can get whoever he wants.

But the real truth about them is that they love the old-fashioned love more than the modern one. That means they will cherish and support their true partner in all their wishes. His ideal life is a huge house with a bunch of kids and a puppy on the front porch. Aren’t they sweet?


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This zodiac sign feels much better being single than dating someone. But if they find the right partner, they won’t have any problems committing.

When they care about someone, they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them in their lives. When they love, they give themselves all in and they feel good about it.


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Frankly speaking, this zodiac sign is too lazy to cheat. Cheating and hiding messages from their partners is not convenient at all. They don’t want to go through all that stress about being with two women at the same time. One partner is more than enough for them.

If you are all they have been dreaming of, you don’t have to worry they will cheat on you. But in case they do, they will be totally honest about that because they don’t know how to keep secrets.


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This zodiac sign is very clingy and they like that feeling of safety and emotional connection when being in a relationship. The bad thing about them is that sometimes they can get paranoid out of nothing, so don’t be surprised if Taurus makes up some stories about you that don’t make sense.

If they cheat on you, it will be because they are insecure. But if they recognize real love, they will never do something that could harm your relationship.


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Virgo will never cheat on you. Unless they get a chance. It can be a one-night stand and they will tell you it didn’t mean anything to them but you can’t erase the fact that they cheated, right?

I would say they really have high expectations from their partners. In case you are not making them satisfied, they will cheat on you with the first hot chick in the street.


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This zodiac sign gets bored easily. If you want to keep them, you must go the extra mile to keep the old spark alive. If you neglect them, they will cheat on you or just break up with you.

They like to experiment in a relationship so if you don’t give them the adrenaline they need, they will just replace you with someone new. This is the recipe for a successful relationship with them and if you fail to do it, you are doomed!


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Libras are faithful most of the time but if they start feeling bad in a relationship, they will do it with the first person they bump into.

They don’t tend to cheat but if that happens, they will do it because they don’t feel s-y or handsome enough. By cheating on you, they are just showing themselves that they are still desirable and that someone else wants them besides just you.


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This sign is pretty adventurous and hungry for adrenaline. If they want to cheat on you, they will do it. As simple as that. They won’t feel any remorse after doing it because it is something that makes them feel better.

Relationships with them can be really exhausting since they make a lot of rules you need to stick to if you want to be with them.


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The most sensitive sign of the zodiac thinks cheating is a deadly sin. But if you don’t give them what they need, they won’t think twice and they will cheat on you.

Emotional cheating is worse than a physical one for them but they will figure out on time what they did and they will try to win you over again.


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This zodiac sign cheats even if they don’t know that. They like flirting and meeting new people and they don’t see anything bad in being close to more than one woman.

The most important thing is that they won’t cheat on you to hurt you but to make themselves feel better. But, that is something no woman will ever buy.


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If a Gemini cheats on you, they will try to convince you that it wasn’t their fault. They will make you believe you are the guilty one because you didn’t show enough love to them.

But on the other hand, their intelligence can make them think twice about what they have with you, so they will make sure to keep their d-ks in their pants.

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