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This Is The Erogenous Zone For Each Zodiac Sign

Erogenous zones are the areas of our body that are particularly sensitive to touch. Something electric happens there, thus making us aroused. Some people might find pleasure in areas that others don’t.

According to ancient astrology, there is a connection between every body part and a zodiac sign. For example, Taureans rule the neck and shoulders, so, their neck is the most sensitive place on their body. With all that being said, when it comes to intimacy, it’s important to do things with consent and communicate with your partner about your desires and boundaries.

Here are each zodiac sign’s erogenous zones:


Aries are most connected to their head, which makes sense because they’re incredibly headstrong individuals. With that, they love having their hair played with or getting a head massage. They like soft strokes and rough tugs — it really makes them feel relaxed.


Taureans are most connected to their neck and shoulders, which is where they harbor a lot of stress and anxiety. Their erogenous zone is their neck, with soft kisses and/or (consented) light choking, but they love a good shoulder massage too.


Geminis are associated with the arms, hands, and lungs. This is fitting for the Twins (two hands, two arms, two lungs) as the most communicative sign (sign language). They love having their arms and hands touched, like light tracing of fingers up the arms, playing with feathers, hand holding.


Cancers are connected to the chest and stomach, which makes sense for these incredibly empathetic and nurturing individuals (for example: a Mother’s breast for her nursing baby). Cancers love touch and attention in their chest area: gentle kissing, light massages, and even some biting!


Leos feel connected to their heart and spine, so these areas could be potential erogenous zones. They love feeling soft touches up the spine and feeling soft hands giving them a back massage. This really gets their endorphins going!


Virgos feel a connection to their Digestive system and stomach, which makes sense for this always-anxious-and-always-having-a-stomach-ache sign. And so, their erogenous spots are their stomach and waist, with soft kisses, licking, soft touches of the hands, and maybe even biting.


Libras feel the most connected to their back, butt, and skin. They tend to harbor a lot of stress and anxiety in their lower back, which is why they love attention (light scratching, massaging, kissing) in this area. The same goes for their butt: they enjoy spanking, grabbing, kissing, touching.


Scorpios are incredibly sensual beings, which means pretty much any part of their body could be an erogenous zone. However, they feel the most connected to their genitals and hips. So kissing, stroking, light touching, and teasing in these areas will really get them going.


Sagittarians are free spirits, which makes sense as to why they feel so connected to the legs and thighs. Their erogenous zones are their thighs, hips, and upper legs. They love being massaged, kissed, touched softly, or even passionately grabbed in these areas.


Capricorns are the ones who appreciate a good foundation and at their worst, can be inflexible. This is why they are associated with the knees and skeletal system. They love any kind of leg action: soft touches along the calves, love bites on the thighs, sensual licks across the knees, legs on shoulders…


Aquarians feel the most connected to their ankles and calves, simply because that’s often a neglected zone, despite how sensitive it could be. This sign loves soft touches along their calves and feet and having their ankles tied up or in cuffs — it really gets them going.


According to Chinese medicine, the foot is connected to other parts of the body and Pisces is the one sign that has a piece of every other sign in it. Pisceans are connected to the feet, which means they love foot massages and might even be into feet play.

Remember, it’s important to have consent, open communication, and willingness to explore each other’s desires and respect each other’s boundaries.

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