Zodiac Signs


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Confidence is something in oneself/it is something that we are changing throughout our lives according to the experiences that we are living, but normally there are personalities that have the highest self-esteem than others, simply because they are like that, it goes in their nature. Some signs of the zodiac have as much confidence in each other as you would expect, while others may surprise you, that is why we bring the Ranking of the signs from highest to lowest self-esteem. TAKE NOTE!

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Leo is a person always going to look good, no matter what the situation, he has enough confidence in him/herself. You will never need anyone to know that you are unique in this world. He knows that with his smile he can conquer anyone, he has something that makes others can’t take his eyes off him and that Leo loves. It is always the center of attention and it will remain that way because it will not let anyone shade it.

Leo has very high self-esteem and the truth is that it raises many envies and criticisms, many people think that Leo has an air of superiority, but it is quite the opposite, he simply knows how to value himself. Damn people are not prepared to live with Leo.

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Sagittarius has enough self-confidence to go through this life without having any plans. He is a person who has no problem abandoning all his plans to do something that nobody else had thought to do. Sagittarius loves adventure and that is why he will always be experiencing new sensations and emotions. He is a person who has very high self-esteem and that helps him continue to achieve all his dreams.

Sagittarius is an incredibly versatile person, adapts to all kinds of situations, not like others who only know how to intoxicate with their Damn. Sagi is always with a smile on his face because he knows how to appreciate life, yes, he needs his life to always be in continuous movement, because if he cannot disappear at any moment.

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Aries is the person who always takes the reins, whatever the situation. He has a certain self-confidence and this makes his self-esteem be through the clouds, it is true that sometimes he has some crisis and that is why he is not in number one, but he would have little to be. He is a person who does everything he does with a lot of passion, loves things to go well and knows that if he/she does that is assured.

Thanks to the self-esteem he has, Aries, he has never let himself be stepped on by anyone, and although many people think that having too high self-esteem is bad, it’s the opposite, rather it protects you from toxic people, that all you want is to inject poison in your life and that Aries knows it very well.

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Scorpio is a person who is honest with himself, knows all his flaws and although he may not do much to solve them, he does a search for his positive points because he knows he has many. Scorpio knows that he is always growing, that everything that happens helps him to have fairly high self-esteem. This makes Scorpio believe that he is one of the best people that exist, yes, he will never believe himself better than anyone, he is simply different from others and that makes him unique.

Scorpio knows that he is surrounded by leeches that all they want is to suck his blood, that is why he is almost always on the defensive, he knows that he cannot trust anyone and that he does not really need it either. He knows that he/she alone can go as far as he intends.

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Aquarius has generally high self-esteem, he is a person who sometimes does not value himself too much, but most of the time he leaves his strongest side and sees that the best thing he has in this life is himself/herself. He knows that he has a slightly complex personality and that not everyone understands it, for some he can dress like a weirdo, but being honest, Aquarius doesn’t give a damn what others think.

He is a person who will always go his way, he does not need anyone to tell him where the right path is, because he prefers to discover it himself/herself. Aquarius is a very independent person, he does not need anyone to live and in part that is thanks to that self-esteem, which sometimes falters, but then comes back up.

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Taurus is a very strong person, he has always had to fight hard fighting and whether or not it affects self-esteem. Even so, Taurus is positioned at number 6 because he has been able to take advantage of all those battles he has had to fight, he has learned to learn from them and now he knows very well how to value himself. Taurus knows that nothing can sink him and if something affects him, it is temporary because he will always rise again.

Taurus in the background is a sweet person who cares a lot for his people and that is why he sometimes does not care about himself/herself, but burns early he will realize and see that he has to pamper himself a little and reinforce All that self-esteem. That way no one can hurt him with such damn.

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Gemini is a person who is very difficult to locate in general, but when we talk about self-esteem much more. In the case of Gemini, self-esteem depends on the day, there are days that you have it on the ground, but when you have it high, there is no one who values ​​you better than he/she/he himself/herself. Gemini is a person who apparently has a lot of confidence, but in reality, inside there are many more insecurities than anything else, what happens that he knows how to make up very well.

Gemini has learned from hosts that he has to love himself more because of that he often throws himself into the arms of the first person who gives him compliments. That more than once has brought him many problems. But Gemini is learning to value itself, it only needs a little time.

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Capricorn is a person who has a lot of self-confidence at work time, but when we talk about assessing how you have to do it is another story. Capri many times needs the approval of others to move on, sometimes there is too much freezing and you need a push, but let it go, it’s the most normal thing in the world, nobody is perfect. Capricorn is very upset because he feels it has to be him/herself who should be valued more, but it is impossible.

One of the things that affect Capricorn’s self-esteem too much is that they see him as a bored person when he is not. Capri is a serious person, but he has a great sense of humor, you just have to stop to know him and you will see that he can be the life of the party.

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Pisces can become the most dreamy person on this planet, a good person and be alive. He is a good person with a very spiritual mind, but despite that, he is not aware of everything that is worth and he almost always has self-esteem on the ground. It is true that sometimes he may seem like a very safe person, very rarely, but because he wants to make him see the world that is not as fragile as they think.

Pisces is a person who despite his insecurities will always try to live up to the circumstance, another thing is that the typical morons come and destroy his day, that’s when he will need a lot of support, to get his self-esteem Climb a little. Pisces has a lot of potentials but is not able to see it.

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Libra should be the most balanced person in the entire zodiac, but that is more famous than anything else. Libra is a sea of ​​indecisions and that is why it is postulated in number 10 of the ranking. He is a person who always needs the approval of others, whatever it may be. He/she cannot make a decision alone and if he does, he will be trembling with fear until the consequences are known.

Libra is a person who forgets himself because he is very busy trying to see the point of view of others. You will literally forget that you have your own life, that you have your desires and needs and that makes your self-esteem rather low because when you realize and want to change things it is too late and you enter a loop. Libra and her damn indecisions …

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Virgo is a very perfectionist and that means that while he has everything under control he has a lot of insecurities. He/she creates insecurities that have no logic, begins to think that everything can go wrong and crashes. That is when your self-esteem falls to the ground because you think it is a useless one for not being able to do things as he/she wants.

In addition, one of the main things that affect Virgo’s self-esteem is his emotions, when he begins to see that he cannot control his emotions, he believes that his whole world is going to go to hell. He has been working hard for many years to make things go as he really wants and something goes wrong, makes Virgo sink. DAMN! Virgo wakes up at once and sees how much you are worth.

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Cancer is the person with the lowest self-esteem of the zodiac. Look that annoys me to say it, but it is like that … Cancer is a very emotional person and everything you can say to him affects three times that of any other person, so you have to be very careful with the words we dedicate to Cancer. A simple joke can cause Cancer to start questioning from top to bottom.

Cancer is an amazing person that you will always want to have by your side, he will always make sure that you are well, he will make sure that you take care of yourself because he knows what it is to feel inferior, the bad thing is that then the story does not apply. Cancer sometimes seems silly about how good it is. The only thing that is 100% sure Cancer is of your intuition, you should take advantage of it to intuit that it is unique.

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