Zodiac Signs

This Is Exactly How To Comfort Each Zodiac Sign

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Remind them of their strength, but also assure them that this isn’t something they have to go through alone. It might take some effort to get Aries to break down their barriers and admit that they’re struggling, but by reminding them that there’s nothing they can’t handle they’ll be more motivated to get vulnerable. A good way to get them to open up is to get their body moving. Go on a walk, visit a kickboxing class, or practice some yoga with them. The physical exertion will soothe them enough to accept your help.

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Give Taurus your full, undivided attention. Let them know that you’re there for them in any way they need you to be. Remind them how much they’re cared for. A comforting home-cooked meal goes a long way to help make them feel better. Don’t forget to bring the wine and dessert. Hang out with them on the couch under fuzzy blankets and play their favorite movies. Make sure that you hug them. The gentlest of embraces can make them feel like everything will be okay.

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Gemini just needs you to listen. Lend an ear and a shoulder to cry (or rage) on. Usually, Gemini has no trouble communicating or verbally expressing themselves, but it’s a little harder for them to do when they’re hurting. Give them the push they need and ask them questions. A little probing will get them there. Then, just stay quiet and let them go on their rant. They’ll feel a thousand percent better afterward. If you want to go above and beyond in terms of comforting them, go do something they’ll enjoy after they let it all out.

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Cancer needs you to be nurturing. Think of how you would comfort a child, and then do that with Cancer. Let them cry it out while you hold them and rub their back. Sit with them until they feel like they can breathe again. Make them feel loved and cared for. When Cancer gets hurt, it can be easy for them to try to find the blame within themselves. It’s important for you to remind them that they’re a beautiful person—tell them exactly why they are.

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To comfort a Leo they need you to lavish affection and attention on them. Make the day all about them and try to cheer them up. Treat them like royalty and make them feel special. Remind them that they are the sun. You have to make them feel like the star they are again. This helps assure them that they’re much stronger than whatever is currently afflicting them—that there’s nothing that can be thrown their way that they wouldn’t be able to handle.

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Since Virgos love micromanaging and solving everything themselves, it can be a little confusing on how to best support them. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need it. Test the waters and ask them if they’re ready to talk. Allow them some time alone to process their feelings before they open up to you. Remind them that you’re there to listen when they’re ready. Once they let you in, don’t interrupt or offer up ideas. Make it a safe space. Offer up your advice only if they ask for it.

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Don’t leave Libra alone when they’re struggling. It can be easy for this sign to turn inward deeper and deeper into themselves. The best way to comfort Libra when they’re sad is to distract them. Don’t let them sit in silence or in isolation. Pick them up and drag them out of the house. Fresh air puts things in perspective for this zodiac sign. It also helps them reaffirm their faith in love to have someone who cares about them nurture them the best way they know how. Let them talk about it if they want to.

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Everything is heightened for intense Scorpio. They feel things more deeply than other people. A struggle or heartache can feel like the end of the world to them. It can be hard for them to see the light at the end of the tunnel when they’re in sorrow. They prefer to process their emotions on their own, but too much alone time can make them feel worse. Chances are that they won’t want your company, but give it to them as a form of tough love. It will annoy them enough to leave the house with you and distract themselves. Some fun will remind them that this too shall pass.

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Sagittarius doesn’t want to dwell on things, even when their heart and mind keep going back to what’s weighing on them. The best thing you can do to comfort the Sag in your life is to be upbeat and optimistic. Ask them to go on a road trip or any other adventure with you. Even going to the bar down the street and getting a little rowdy will make them feel better. Don’t push them to talk about it. They want to figure the path out for themselves. Just remind them of the joys waiting for them on the other side once they make it through.

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When Capricorn is struggling they burden themselves with work and responsibilities, even when it’s the last thing they need. Cap is going to tell you that they’re doing fine and that you don’t need to worry. Don’t believe them. Give them the comfort they won’t accept they need by helping them unwind. Plan to do something relaxing or fun. Make sure it’s something that you know they’ll enjoy and appreciate. Whatever you do, don’t let them bury themselves with duties.

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Give Aquarius space, but don’t disappear. This zodiac sign struggles with emotionally expressing themselves and with confronting their own feelings. They need a little alone time to process whatever is happening on their own. Don’t let them isolate themselves for too long, though. Be there for them, but don’t be pushy. Taking them to spend some time in nature after you’ve given them space may be your best shot. A mountain hike or the ocean can help remind them of beautiful things much bigger than themselves. Some quiet time outdoors helps them feel your support, without them having to actually talk about it when they don’t want to.

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Comfort Pisces by telling them how much you love them. Remind them that you’re there for them and offer any support they may need. This sign needs a lot of comforting, but they need to process their feelings alone first. Most often they do this through creative means. Buying them new notebooks or restocking their art supplies would be a sweet gesture. Pisces is also soothed by consuming art. Make them a playlist, watch a movie with them, or buy them concert tickets. Do whatever will make this sign purge their sorrows.

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