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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Forgive Themselves On November 19

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Shame and guilt are tricky emotions. They leave trails and bruises on the delicate parts of your psyche, coloring everything you do. When you dwell on the mistakes of your past, it’s hard to look forward to a better future. Until you can truly forgive yourself, you’ll always be holding yourself back. For these three zodiac signs, November 19 is the best time to forgive yourself and truly let it go. Will you give yourself that kind of grace?

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There’s been something lingering in the back of your mind for a while now. Knowing you, it’s probably a years-old shame that clings to you like static electricity. You’ve tried to shake it off, yet still the shame and guilt persists. The saying that time heals all wounds is correct, but only if you let it heal. By dwelling on what you did, you aren’t letting the wound seal itself. It’s been so long that it’s time to let it go. Truly forgive yourself on November 19. Let the relief run deep and you will finally be able to move on.

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Even when others have forgiven you, you don’t always give yourself that same grace. A hurt from your past, one that you did to someone you care about, has been haunting you ever since. The person you hurt may have even told you that they’re over it. They’ve moved on and grown and forgiven you, so why can’t you do the same? Don’t hang on to the shame and guilt like a security blanket. Let it free on November 19 so you can feel the weight that’s been on your shoulders finally melt away.

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You’ve held onto this guilt for so long that it has slowly become an inextricable part of your identity. When you talk about your past, you often bring up what you did. You don’t shy away from it, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgiven yourself. On the contrary, the more that your shame and guilt bleeds into your present, the more you’re holding onto it. On November 19, give up this self-deprecating anecdote and finally be free.

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