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Mmm, are you by any chance one of the all-smoke and no roast zodiac signs? Let’s find out immediately with today’s horoscope ranking!

Tell us the truth: as soon as you read the title of this horoscope ranking, a particular person immediately comes to mind. Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend or perhaps it’s someone who works or used to work with you. You immediately understood who we are talking about: let’s find out if it is in today’s horoscope ranking!

The zodiac signs all smoke and no roast: are you among them too?

How many times have you happened to talk to someone who was boasting loudly about their many talents?

And I can do this and I know how to do this and I am very good here and there and in my free time, I do paragliding, kite-surfing, poetry reading, and volunteering. We believe that there are people who can do everything, both for themselves and for others. Those we believe least are the zodiac signs all smoke and no roast and that is those people who always say they know how to do everything or want to do everything. Then, however, it turns out they don’t know (and don’t want to) do anything!

How about: would you like to find out who is in today’s horoscope ranking?

Cancer: fifth place

Dear Cancerian friends, it is time to admit it.

Cancers are people who truly enjoy making plans or projects or talking about anything they can do.
When it comes to the point, however, there is hardly anything under the smoke: Cancers are people who prefer a thousand times to stay at home alone than to go out and test themselves!

Gemini: fourth place

Of the other ” quaquaraquà ” as they might define them in some parts of Italy, are those born under the sign of Gemini.
Dear Gemini: you also know very well that you like to spread ” smoke ” to hide the very fact that there is no roast!

Gemini is people who tend to talk and rant when it comes to telling about themselves and their interests or talents.
This then leads them to find themselves in very embarrassing situations. Help!

Aquarius: third place

Dear Aquarius, don’t start sulking and getting annoyed right away, okay?
That you are people who always have your hands full of things to do is indisputable. You have your problems and those of others on your shoulders, so we understand that you are very busy!

The reality, however, is that you Aquarius are also a lot of smoke and no roast. You talk a lot about getting angry or setting stakes and instead, then, you (almost) never do it. You are always there to say what your plans are for the future and then, when you have already discussed everything, always take a step back!

Leo: second place

Yes, dear Leos, you deserve a second place in today’s ranking of zodiac signs that are all smoke and no roast.
Don’t be angry: this is simply a fact!

This anger and self-centeredness often lead Leos to believe they can say and do everything. Too bad, however, that after having talked so much the Leos find it impossible to follow up on everything they have said and, therefore, end up making a truly miserable figure in the eyes of others. (This, of course, only exacerbates Leo‘s worst traits – be careful!).

Taurus: first place in the ranking of all smoke and no roast zodiac signs

If you don’t believe it, dear Taurus, take a look at your social profiles.
How? Are they all smoke and no roast now that you take a good look at them? Ah but then you have understood well what we are talking about!

Taurus are people who are generally uninterested in doing something if they don’t have a return of some kind.
They talk a lot about what they would like to do (mountain walks, trips out of town, pottery courses) but then, actually, they never do anything.
The same goes when Taurus try to choose a love relationship or to understand what they want from life.
They talk, they talk a lot, and above all about others, but then they actually do nothing. Dear Toro but isn’t that it would be better to get busy and bring some roast to the table?

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