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3 Birth Months Whose Lives Will Change Once They Stop People Pleasing

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You don’t want to waste your whole life trying to impress other people, trying to make them proud, trying to be exactly what they want you to be. You’ll find much more happiness and self-fulfillment if you chase after what you want. Here are the birth months whose entire lives will change once they stop people pleasing and finally start doing what they want to do:


If you were born in March, you have a strong desire to make your family members, your friends, and your partners proud. You care deeply about their opinions because they mean the world to you. You always take their guidance into consideration because you hold them in high regard and know they only want what is best for you. However, that doesn’t mean you have to listen to every word that they say. They aren’t in your shoes. They aren’t living your life. They might not you extremely well, but they don’t know what will make you happiest. Only you can know that. Your life is going to change once you start people pleasing because you will finally get the chance to explore what calls to you. You will finally feel like the most authentic, genuine version of yourself.

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If you were born in July, you have a tendency to respect your loved one’s thoughts and feelings more than you respect your own thoughts and feelings. You would do anything to make the people you care about happy, even if that means sacrificing what makes you the happiest. But that’s not the way it should be. You shouldn’t have to give up what you want in order to accommodate them. Love involves putting in effort and making occasional compromises, but it shouldn’t involve making sacrifices every single day. Making them happy shouldn’t require making yourself miserable. You deserve happiness too, even if you don’t see that yet. As soon as you stop people pleasing, your whole life will change because you’ve spent so long thinking about others. It’s time to think about yourself. It’s not selfish. It’s an act of self-respect.

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If you were born in October, you feel like it’s your responsibility to help out as many people as possible. While that might be true, you can’t forget to help yourself. If you aren’t in a healthy place, then it’s going to be harder and harder to help others. You need to remember the importance of pampering yourself, of making sure that the person in the mirror is okay before you start worrying about anybody else. Remember, even though you feel a strong urge to help others, it’s not always your place. Your top priority should be yourself. As soon as you stop people pleasing, your whole life will change because you will have more time to put into your own dreams and desires. You will be able to do what you really want to do, and when you have spare time, you can still do whatever you can to assist others. It’s not about abandoning them completely. It’s about putting half as much energy into yourself as you’ve always put into those around you. It’s about making sure you’re taken care of too.

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