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These are the 4 Zodiacs Who Fear Change the Most

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Geminis fear change because they can’t take on anymore. Their plates are full, their schedules are full, and their minds are overflowing with obligations, deadlines, and to-do lists. They are the camel whose back is literally about to break from a final straw, so a monumental shift or change would deal a blow they may not be able to bounce back from. Geminis need structure, and when that structure is compromised or distorted, they feel like they have to start their entire lives over from scratch. They have systems and spreadsheets, calendars, and itineraries that depend on a certain level of consistency. What they really fear the most is the loss of control when all of that preparation no longer serves a purpose. When they fail to know what they are supposed to be doing at any given moment.

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Leos fear change because they never want the party to end. Good times with good people need to be as consistent a part of their lives as possible. They will join clubs and sports teams, become regulars at a happy hour spot just to build that sense of camaraderie with the same familiar faces. To be well-liked requires first to be well-known, so a Leo will always keep a few loyal fans close, even when venturing out to meet new people. Their fear of change arises from a fear of loss. Loss of happiness, friendships, routines, and their network of support systems. They suffer from a perpetual case of senioritis. They are the big cat within their social ecosystem, and if someone were to challenge them, or they were to be transplanted to a brand new location, they would feel a loss of identity.

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Virgos don’t just fear change, they resist it with their entire beings. Their way is the right way, and any one or thing that challenges their processes, rhythms, or routines is a threat to their way of life. Virgos have agonized over developing these rituals, and see change as an insult or attack. Those who don’t see eye to eye with their analysis and calculations are either too lazy to do something the right way or literally don’t care whether something gets done at all. Typically, it can boil down to a difference in priorities or value systems, which is at its core, Virgo’s biggest motivator. They have convictions and beliefs they’ve worked painstakingly to outline for themselves. When someone comes into direct opposition to them, it is impossible for a Virgo to establish trust, and without trust, they won’t have anything to do with you.

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It may come as a surprise to see Sagittarius on this list, but people fail to realize how attached to comfort they can be. Their inner dichotomy is akin to Bilbo Baggins, firmly attached to their homes and their meals, while also dreaming of traveling far and wide. Sagittarius fears change because their adventures and hobbies come at a cost, and anything that threatens their financial stability threatens their ability to enjoy life in the way they’re used to. Change needs to be something they initiate, plan, and look forward to for them to be comfortable with it. Externally initiated change, unpleasant surprises, and pivots in the middle of a process completely throw them off balance. They’re the sign always looking to the horizon, but that is in part because they have a need to see what’s coming. They don’t like walking into anything blindly.

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