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These 4 Zodiacs Are Masterminds In Love

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Love is child’s play to a Scorpio, to the extent that it’s never fair to the other party involved. Scorpios write the rules of the game, and while their unsuspecting prey is busy learning the basics, new additions are being freshly inked. There is never a way to catch up when Scorpios are already 10 steps ahead. Luckily, they have their moments of benevolence. All the planning and plotting and scheming can sometimes be used for good, like a gamemaster watching an escape room through a camera, waiting in anticipation for the clues to be found, to watch the many ways success can light up a face. In this same way Scorpios enjoy watching their partner successfully flirt with them, despite having set up the opportunity and dropping all the necessary breadcrumbs in the first place. The pleasure of a Rube Goldberg does not lie in who takes credit for setting it all up but the moments where motion takes control and everything successfully falls into place. The same is true for love in a Scorpio’s eyes.

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Sagittariuses are code writers and crackers when it comes to love. They want to speak in metaphors and similes or, better yet, symbols that do not require them to speak at all. They crave that psychic connection that is only possible with a partner who knows how to map and chase down the same thought train alongside them. They are looking for someone who knows how to keep up and keep them on their toes. Someone who shares their playfulness, wit, and humor. Mind games are not equivalent to a lack of sincerity in a Sagittarius’ world, they are demonstrations of intention and effort. It takes much more effort to cryptically communicate the depth of one’s feelings than a blunt “I like you.” As the sign who often puts their foot in their mouth for being too blunt, love is the exception where they mandate finesse and tact. They will spend hours planning the perfect gift, date, declaration, or proposal. The moments that end up becoming cherished memories in a relationship deserve a meticulous level of care, and that requires time.

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Tauruses are masterminds in love by nature of their persistence, which in other scenarios can be unfairly labeled as stubbornness. A Taurus keeps trying to make something work because they know they can. We’re not talking about disrespecting someone else’s boundaries or going full-blow Gaston here. We’re talking about the kind of commitment that keeps loving someone through arguments, apologizes first, and doesn’t run away so you can claim you were at least the first one out the door. A Taurus has patience to chip away at someone’s walls, earn their trust, and get to know them on a deeper level. They take it step by step, day by day, and never worry about timing or pressure reciprocation. They are looking for a love that is genuine and moves at its own pace. For responses that are sincere. Tauruses have the ability to both live in the moment while being intentional about their future. They don’t get ahead of themselves but understand that things need to be done in a certain order, that a certain groundwork must be laid in order to build anything on top of it.

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Geminis are the Michelin chefs of love. They give you hot. They give you cold. Salty, spicy, sweet, acidic—nothing is left unaccounted for. They break every stereotype and always leave you wanting more. Once you think you have them all figured out, they throw a curveball your way. Ultimately they hook their partners with the prospect of a lifetime of learning who they really are. They understand the symbiotic relationship between pleasure and pain, how making up after a fight can sometimes make both parties more appreciative than they were before the initial conflict. Geminis understand everyone’s desire for variety, to feel like we are always capable of reinventing ourselves and our relationships without falling prey to complacency or stagnation. They know the levers to pull and the exact timing to pull them. It’s all a delicate dance, a chasing to be chased, a loving to be loved. If you’re lucky enough to be their partner, they’ll teach you the steps.

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