Zodiac Signs


They will never get their hands on fire by themselves. Meet the signs that don’t trust anyone.

The Zodiac can help explain why some people find it especially difficult to trust others. Of course, each one’s personal experience weighs heavily.

Anyone who has been betrayed or deceived is certainly afraid that this will happen again and, therefore, may have a more reserved, defensive posture. However, the Zodiac gives important information in this regard.

Zodiac: the signs that trust no one


The natives of the sign of Scorpio usually unload their fears and insecurities on those closest to them. Besides, he tends to doubt everything he is told.

The natives of this sign highly value the truth, but at the same time, they have great difficulty in believing what others tell them. All it takes is a slight delay for an encounter, and the Scorpion will think he’s being betrayed by his better half. Therefore, relationships with Scorpios are always difficult, as Scorpio people simply cannot trust others.


The natives of the sign of Cancer/Cancer also have great difficulty believing in the proofs of their love above all else. Even if they know they are not being deceived, the natives of this sign demand a lot of praise from their better half to make them feel truly loved.

The natives of this sign expect a lot from their soul mate. They need a lot of contact, messages, and phone calls and the pair should not take too long to respond. Only then do they feel wanted and wanted.


The natives of the sign of Taurus have several trust issues as they are especially jealous. These natives need to feel like their better half’s top priority. The natives of this sign do not admit to being neglected or placed in the background. They only accept a relationship in which the other always puts them first in everything!


Pisces people are very sensitive and tend to be deeply traumatized if they are hurt by someone. In these cases, it takes them a long time to get back to trusting someone.

The natives of this sign cannot always trust their companions 100%. They prefer to preserve a wall of protection to ensure that no one can hurt their deepest feelings.

They are extremely fragile and defenseless and consider distrust to be the best weapon to protect themselves from attacks.


Natives of the Libra/Libra sign, unlike natives of the previous signs, tend to be very quick to recover from heartbreak.

After an unsuccessful relationship, the natives of this sign quickly surrender to love, being able to exaggerate the emotionality they bring to the entire process. Consequently, if it doesn’t go well soon, the tendency will be to abandon the project immediately.

At the base of this behavior is precisely the insecurity and distrust of the natives of this sign who find it very difficult to believe in the other and prefer to run away rather than deal with the new love dislike.


Virgo people are also very hurt when a relationship ends badly and the tendency is to never give in to a relationship again. They cannot forget the bad experience they had and, as a result, they will always remember those bad memories. The natives of this sign never feel loved.

The natives of this sign still have a hard time trusting others and, therefore, they are extraordinarily suspicious and insecure.

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