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These 4 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Husbands

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Cancer men really shine when it comes to long-term commitments. They’re emotional and intuitive and are (usually) unafraid of the vulnerability that comes with that, which means they’re likely to not only communicate their needs but to listen to yours. Cancer men want to see their partners happy and comfortable, which means they’ll always put in a little effort to make you feel special and loved. And since Cancers have a tendency to be homebodies, they’ll also put a little extra effort into making your home feel cozy, unique, and well-loved, and who doesn’t love that?

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Like Cancers, Tauruses have a tendency to value their home life, which means they’ll always put in the effort to make staying in feel like fun in itself. But don’t worry, Tauruses also like a little adventure, so they’re likely to surprise you with fun date nights, memorable trips, and plenty of small (and big) luxuries that will make you feel special, even for no reason at all. A Taurus husband will often feel like a best friend who just wants to see you smile, and luckily for them they’re often naturally funny—and what’s a better foundation for a marriage than plenty of shared laughter?

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Leos get a lot of flak for needing attention, but people really don’t give them enough credit for the attention they actually give. A Leo in love wants to see their person thrive, which means a Leo husband will always shine their spotlight on you, making you feel seen and special each and every day. They have a lot of affection to give, and once they give you their loyalty, it’s unmatched. Loving a Leo will always be an adventure—and marrying one will be one of the best things you ever decide to do.

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Capricorns aren’t always considered the most romantic signs, but they don’t get enough credit for how great they can be in long-term relationships. Capricorn men may not fall in love easily, but when they do, they fall hard—and when they choose to commit to you, they’re in it for the long haul. The truth is, most Capricorns are softies under their tough exterior, though they usually save that softness for their inner circle. If you marry a Capricorn, expect them to go the extra mile to provide for you and to make sure you feel happy, safe, and loved—because even though they might not always say it, they’d probably do anything for you.

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