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4 Zodiacs Who Have The Hardest Hearts

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For some people, having a hard heart is about protection. They hide a deep well of emotion behind a thick wall so that no one can hurt them. Others have hardened hearts for the exact opposite reason: They feel apathetic about most emotional connections. The latter are the true heartbreakers. Of course, there are those who are a fun combination of both. Unlike the emotional and open signs of the zodiac, like Cancer and Libra, the following four zodiac signs have the hardest hearts. It may be a challenge to get to their squishy center, but it could be worth the trouble.

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Taurus is represented by the bull, and that’s for good reason. Not only can they be incredibly hard-headed and stubborn, but they have a similarly hardened heart. If they sense any trouble, they’ll close off immediately and it can be close to impossible to chisel your way through. Loving a Taurus requires patience. All it takes is a little time–a cooling-off period–for the Taurus to soften up again. Just wait it out. But those who lack patience might not be a good match for this bull-headed zodiac sign.

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This is Scorpio’s bread and butter. They’re known for their guarded hearts. They are so closed off when it comes to opening up that they often come across as cold and uncaring. But of the zodiac signs on this list, they’re also the most emotional deep down. Those walls that they erect around their hearts are hiding deep wells of emotions. They’ve only hardened their hearts over time because they’re so afraid of getting hurt. Every time they open up to someone and it backfires, they use it as further proof that they should never open up again.

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Every time a Capricorn gets hurt, they pretend like nothing’s wrong. Sometimes they really are impervious, but more often than not, that rough exterior is hiding a wounded heart. They’d rather be known as a badass who can handle anything than someone who’s crying themselves to sleep at night. For this, they sometimes come across uncaring. People who don’t know them well will applaud how quickly they bounce back from heartbreak, but it’s a different story if they know the Capricorn well. Their friends know that the “I don’t care” attitude is just a front.

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Of the zodiac signs on this list Aquarius’s hard heart is the most honest when it comes to showing how they really feel. They just don’t have the strong emotions or big opinions that other signs have. Does it make them come off as cold and uncaring? Sure, but that doesn’t bother them all that much. While they will soften their heart for people they truly care about, their version of “soft” is still colder than what people might expect. Go into a relationship or friendship with an Aquarius knowing that you’ll need to be the emotive, soft-hearted one of the duo.

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