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The Words Of Encouragement Each Zodiac Needs On January 4

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Stop underestimating your own ability to change, Aries. Remember that time in your life when you didn’t like salad or jazz or buying people a card to go with their gift. Whatever it is in life you’ve softened on or come around to. You will find new ways to adapt to your current struggle.

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Keep scratching that itch, Taurus. There’s something underneath the surface, but you have to go slowly and gently, like an archeologist with a toothbrush. A heavy hand could damage whatever it is you’re in the process of unearthing, so acquire some much needed patience.

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Whoever it is that’s giving you a hard time, Gemini, just remember the only person who matters is a phone call or text away. It doesn’t matter if it’s your significant other, your mom, or your best friend. Shift your focus to the people who bring you joy and peace instead of frustration.

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They weren’t that hot Cancer. Or that smart. And your grandmother wasn’t the biggest fan. What I mean to say is that deep down you’re sweeping the red flags under the carpet in the name of mourning a breakup. Allowing them to stand in the light of day might shed some needed perspective.

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When all else fails, Leo, you can always go home. You can crawl into bed, go to sleep, and wake up somewhere safe and familiar. You can play your favorite music, eat a snack, or three or four. You can be the king, queen, or jester of your own castle. This is the one show you run.

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Most of the things you want, Virgo, are things you can ask for. It’s not a gargantuan ask. For time and attention. You deserve company and companionship. Conversation and a shoulder to cry on. Don’t let anyone convince you that it’s too much to expect from someone.

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It’s okay to get mad, Libra. It’s a natural reaction and an emotion without any added stigma. You can be angry and professional. Angry and grateful. Angry and self-aware. Angry and intelligent. What you feel doesn’t define who you are and doesn’t put you in any predefined category.

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Someone sees you busting your ass out there, Scorpio. The late nights, the tears cried, the hair pulled. It hasn’t gone completely unnoticed, and despite indications to the contrary, it has made a difference in someone’s life. Because of you, someone’s day, week, month, and year has been saved.

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Just stick with it a little longer, Sagittarius. The good, the bad, and everything in between. You’ve done so much growing up in the past few years, and shown up for yourself in more ways than one. You’re not the quitter or the flake you once thought you were, and a reward for your consistency is just around the corner.

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Your strong opinions are leading you in the right direction, you just need to pay closer attention to details. There’s a reason you resonate with some things, and are repulsed by others. You just need to get to the ‘why’ of it all to become a true expert on your own taste. Connect with that inner critic and curator.

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There is something you bring to the table that no one else does, Aquarius. Stop selling yourself short because the competition is so vast. You’re completely overlooking your personal brand and the unique value it holds. People like you. They connect with you. Don’t forget that.

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Some things are timeless, Pisces, so stop spending so much time worrying if you’re on trend or not. It’s not five minutes of fame you’re after, it’s that universal quality that allows certain things to gain popularity with time, whether it’s a cult classic or part of the cannon.

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