Zodiac Signs

Why You Can Always Count On / Trust Earth Signs

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Earth Zodiac Signs have a rep for being the most grounded and down to earth sign. If you know of an earth sign then you might agree that they are reliable and honest, we  as well as one of the most logical people you know.

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Taurus represent reliability; they are known for their loyalty. This is a friend who will always have their shoulder ready for you to lean on. Their trustworthiness is what makes someone feel so close to a Taurus. A Taurus will keep their promises because they know how important and valuable it is to make sure your actions match your words. When you ask a Taurus for advice, you will find yourself with actual solutions than words that would only offer comfort. This is true for all Earth signs. They are devoted to making sure challenges can be resolved somehow, with their support you won’t feel like you are doing it alone.

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We admire Capricorns for their determination and ambition. You can count on them for their support especially when pursuing your goals. A Capricorn has a great disciplined approach to life so they will also keep their promises. No matter what, when a Capricorn believes you are worth their energy, they will be your biggest cheerleader. Capricorns want to surround themselves with like minded people and they will encourage you through challenging times because they know pushing you to your strengths will also get you where you are meant to go.

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You probably heard Virgos are the problem solvers of the Zodiac. They are the critical thinkers that will pay attention to detail. Virgo’s will get things done. Their loyalty and commitment is also unmatched. When committed, they follow through with their word. Virgo’s are very good listeners; you can count on them when times get tough and need to vent. You can also count on them to stay organized, because they do a good job at keeping things in order. When you feel like your life is a mess, going to a Virgo for support will help you feel like there are solutions on how to get your life feeling like it’s coming back together.

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If you want a friend who will keep it real, look for the Earth signs around you.

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