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The Words Each Zodiac Needs To Hear This Autumn

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“If you can fix it, don’t worry about it because it can be fixed. If there’s no way to mend it, don’t worry about it, there’s nothing you can do. In other words: don’t allow things out of your control to make you unhappy and worried.” — RattledHead

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“It’s okay to not be friends with someone. And people are allowed to not want to be friends with you. Quite often they won’t, and they won’t really have a clearly articulable reason for it. Usually it’ll just because they don’t feel the vibe with you, and that’s fine! It sucks in the moment, but you’ll be fine.” — FHopeSignedMe

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“Being an adult is about running into problems and in one way or another overcoming all of them. No putting off or discarding the ones you don’t like. They’re your problems and you have to deal with and resolve them.” — YieldingAmmonia

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“Trust your intuition. It’s not a magical power — it is your brain cataloging everything you know and everything don’t even know you know.” — platoniclesbiandate

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“When it comes to bad relationships and bad friendships, there are two kinds: the one that’s bad from the start and the one that starts out well and becomes bad later on. With the former, you’ll usually have a gut feeling about it. Trust it and run. With the latter, you won’t always have the gut feeling. These can actually start out really well. It’s also very rare for it to be just one thing that makes them turn bad. It’s usually a lot of things that all add up. Sometimes it’ll be one big thing, but usually it’s one big thing followed by a lot of little things, or a few medium things and a lot of little things, or mostly just little things that are ongoing. This is usually one of the big reasons why you’ll see people in bad friendships or bad relationships that have lasted far longer than they should have. You can recognize it from the outside, but they still remember who this person was before it started to go south. A lot of the time, they won’t even realize how far down a bad path the relationship went until they’re away from the situation for a while.” — FHopeSignedMe

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“If your answer to anything is I don’t know, that is an acceptable answer. It’s ok to admit you don’t know something even if people expect you to.” — MemoryWanderer

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“Don’t mess up your life over a crush. I’ve seen enough people destroy their entire life just because of a person not worthy of their time and energy. Spend your time on something worthwhile, instead. You’ll be thankful.” — DavidMNorris

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“Get places earlier than needed. Get things done earlier than needed. People appreciate it and you will appreciate it internally as well. Use the principle, ‘To be on time is to be late, and to be early is being on time.’” — BOATING1918

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“It’s never helpful to compare your success and life with someone else. Just focus on your journey.” — Rubix982

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“Your parents are not always right, morally OR factually. And sometimes, they are more concerned about their own reputation than your well-being. Basically, your parents are only human.” — decentformality

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“Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show honesty. Be honest with yourself and with others. It’s okay to make mistakes and the best is when you realize you made one and learn from it.” — Few_Ad_8845

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“The decision to turn your life around doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of attempts and failures, including breaks from attempts. But each of it mounts up to something and most of the time we don’t see it. But over time, it will happen. So just keep going. Even the smallest of the smallest step matters.” — Resident-Currency472

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