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Top 4 Most Emotionally Intelligent Zodiac Signs

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Cancers are naturally emotional people, and they’re good at handling and dealing with emotions too. Cancers have no trouble expressing their feelings, thoughts, and emotions to others, and they very much prefer it this way. Cancer isn’t closed off with their emotions and instead prefers to openly display them to others. When a Cancer speaks, they always tie in some aspect of their emotional depth and insight into the conversation, accompanying every story with an emotion that is connected to their personal experience. They are also extremely receptive and perceptive to the emotions of others and are open to communicating their opinions, needs, wants, and values. Lastly, Cancers welcome others’ emotions with open arms and non judgemental acceptance.

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Geminis are very skilled at communication with others, and due to this adept skill, these individuals can express their feelings in a way that is relatable. People may find that they tend to resonate with Gemini, and this can lead other people to feel as though they are connected on a deep level with Gemini. Geminis also have a way of deescalating conflict through their communication skills, as they are more open, honest, and direct with their feelings than most types. Thus, Geminis can avoid conflict by utilizing their skillful communication skills in being able to speak with openness and honesty.

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Libras may surprise you with their emotional intelligence. They seek out significant, genuine, and meaningful relationships with others, as they like to connect on a deep level. They are also very open and honest about their thoughts and emotions (they seem to be an open book), which encourages others to be more open and honest as well. Libras are also very mature for their age, and they may give off the vibe of someone who feels like an older brother or sister. A Libra is very comfortable to be around. This makes it easy for them to form healthy and genuine connections, as Libra can maintain a comforting environment while promoting vulnerability, honesty, and openness.

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Pisces are not afraid of darker emotions, such as grief, sorrow, or sadness. They are very mature people in a sense because they have come to terms with their own emotional existence and the nuances and subtleties of their emotions too. Because they can accept dark emotions within themselves, they can create a very understanding and accepting environment for others as well because they are willing to accept other people’s darker emotions. Talking is one of the ways that Pisces make others feel accepted for who they are, and through talking, Pisces can provide a sense of understanding for others. This all makes for a very comfortable and nurturing environment, but it’s thanks to Pisces emotional intelligence and sensitivity that people feel accepted for who they are.

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