Zodiac Signs

The Wellness Habit Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Start This Month

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Aries – Hiking

As a fire sign known for their tremendous courage and intensity, hiking provides time and space for you to tap into your adventurous side, Aries. Activities that allow you to feel challenged and that provide tangible results fulfill you. Tap into your trailblazing nature and enjoy testing your strength on the trails.

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Taurus – Cooking

A sign who loves the finer things in life, Taurus, cooking at home provides a quiet sanctuary for you. Light a candle, turn on some cozy tunes, and turn your environment into a space that provides ample beauty and ease. Cooking is a wellness ritual that not only feeds your heart and spirit, but can be shared and enjoyed with others.

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Gemini – Affirmations

You love and thrive in verbal communication, Gemini. As a sign who is prone to anxiety and nervousness, affirmations help focus your mind on the positive. This practice connects your mind with your heart, allowing you to see and continuously discover the beauty that lies within.

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Cancer – Baths

You’re at home in the water, Cancer. As the cardinal water sign, slowing down to take a bath provides you an opportunity to feel nurtured. You deeply desire to help others feel seen and cared for, and part of your inner journey is learning to prioritize what it means to put yourself first.

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Leo – Dance

A sign thriving on self-expression and joviality, Leo, your soul long to shine its light with others. Dance provides an opportunity to step into various versions of yourself, get lost in the music, and experience a sense of playfulness that serves you well in all areas of life.

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Virgo – Sound Healing

Devoted Virgo, you have a tendency to hyperfixate on your body and may be overly self-critical. Activities that keep you grounded balance your analytic mind. Sound healing helps decompress your nervous system and gives you permission to slow down.

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Libra – Yoga

Generous Libra, you’re known for being one of the most well-received members of the Zodiac. You tend to see the best in other people, and although this trait serves you well in many areas, it may lead to lacking clear personal boundaries. Yoga is a wellness habit that forces you to tap into deeper layers of being so you can get in touch with your solid, unchanging core.

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Scorpio – Morning Metaphysical Practice

You’re skilled at tying the metaphysical into the tangible, Scorpio, and do best when able to practice this skill in real-time. Whether you choose to start your morning with a tarot or archetype pull, by engaging in a daily devotional, or meditating on a personal value, being in touch with the subtleties of this world provide an enhanced sense of meaning and energy.

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Sagittarius – Reading

An adventurer at heart, Sagittarius, you’re known for being on the go and constantly enhancing your knowledge through experience. Reading may not be a conscious go-to, although dedicating time to feed your curious soul through the written word compliments your natural tendencies quite nicely.

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Capricorn – Journaling

You’re known for being practical and pragmatic, Capricorn. As an earth sign, it’s easy for you to focus on the tangible elements of day-day reality, but may struggle remaining connected to your heart space. Journaling is a practice that leans into natural strengths while inspiring you to tap a little deeper than you did before.

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Aquarius – Healing Circles

Forward-thinking Aquarius, you need space for your individuality to shine. You learn more fully about where your natural gifts lay when in connection to other people.  Healing circles and group wellness practices inspire you to think a little deeper, reflect on your individuality, and recommit to living with a sense of enhanced integrity.

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Pisces – Bodywork

Gentle and dreamy Pisces, your connection to the unconscious domain may leave you feeling overwhelmed or drained. When this happens, you’re prone to seeking avenues for escapism. Part of your work is learning to stay present in your physical body. Bodywork practices such as acupuncture, massage, or foam-rolling help release any energy blockages while giving your nervous system time to decompress.

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