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4 Zodiacs Who Will Reconnect With Their Inner Child This Holiday Season

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Virgo reconnects with their Inner Child by rediscovering their faith in other people. As the consummate critic of the zodiac, Virgo can pick out anyone’s flaws with a fine tooth comb, like a school nurse combating a lice infestation. Where most other people would prefer to look away, Virgo has the stomach to acknowledge short-comings en masse. But what they’ve lost sight of, as they’ve matured, is that the goal is to eradicate the problem, not merely stand by and point out each person affected. Most flaws have a very simple remedy, and just because they’re a dime a dozen, doesn’t mean the whole world is past saving. Virgo needs to have a little more faith and compassion, and use that iron stomach to be part of the solution. Instead of pointing out the egg on someone’s face, hand them the napkin within your reach.


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Capricorn reconnects with their Inner Child by reopening doors to possibilities they had previously closed. Children believe that anything is possible. They have so much life ahead of them, but such little control or decision making power, and yet, despite that dichotomy, they continue to have faith that all their dreams will come true. Capricorn is so pragmatic it becomes a detriment. They think every time they make a choice, they are cutting off their access to those alternate life paths for good. What they fail to see is that life is not a continuous fork. There are cul de sacs and neighborhood blocks and circular paths that lead us back to places we’ve been before. We get to come back to those places with fresh eyes, like a brand new day of school, and know there are no patterns we are bound to repeat.


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Sagittarius reconnects with their Inner Child by putting their world under a magnifying glass. They can easily lose sight of the small victories in life and only focus on the milestones they have yet to achieve. They forget that when they were younger, going to the airport was just as exciting as reaching their vacation destination. They need to enjoy and discover pride in every step of their journey, no matter how incremental their progress or improvement is. If they don’t push past the imposter syndrome, they will start to miss out on experiences entirely. You don’t have to be a body builder to lift a weight, you don’t have to be a day trader to start investing in your future, and you don’t have to look like a professional model in every photograph you take. It’s much more important to be present in your own moment, than it is how others perceive that moment from the outside looking in.


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Libra reconnects with their Inner Child when they remember that sometimes achieving balance isn’t necessarily about moderation as much as it’s about getting a taste of everything. Does it really matter if you eat dessert before or after dinner? Do you remember the days when you couldn’t decide whether you wanted to become an astronaut or work in the food court at the mall? Libra needs to rekindle their comfort with diversification. Life shouldn’t be about checking all the boxes on a job description. It should be about all of the varied and unique value you bring to the table in any situation. You are so much more than what you’ve been putting on paper lately. Embrace that side of yourself knowing you can be both spontaneous and stable at the same time. You are just as capable of taking your vitamins as you are to stay out late on a weeknight.

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