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The Top Heartbreakers of the Zodiac, Ranked

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Who is more likely to be a heartbreaker and who is more likely to have their hearts broken? Here are the zodiacs ranked by how much of a heartbreaker they are – down to being the ones having their hearts broken.

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You don’t always mean to be a heartbreaker, Gemini, it’s just the nature of your game. You go into any dating situation with the hope that someone will see your multifacetedness and appreciate all your sides – yet some people mistake how dynamic you are for duplicity or deception. You break a lot of hearts on your journey to love, but it’s not always your intention.

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You can certainly be quite the heartbreaker, Capricorn, and it’s because your ambition goes beyond the business world and into the world of relationships too. You have a taste for trying everything – and every one – before you make your final “selections,” and engage in a cost-benefit analysis of every relationship you encounter. You like to have plenty of options, which gives you many opportunities to be a player and a natural heartbreaker.

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Leo, your light takes up the entire room so it’s no wonder you have so many eligible partners interested in you. You enjoy attention – lots of it – but can be fiercely loyal when you’re committed. Still, on the journey to love, you’re likely to break a lot of hearts because you’re a natural flirt who likes to be center stage.

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You’re a heartbreaker, but only because you stand up for yourself fiercely when you see the red flags. As a bold and sultry sign, you naturally attract a lot of attention. You’re not willing to stay with a toxic person just because they treated you well in the beginning, and rightly so – you want to be treated well even past the honeymoon stage. So while you may break a heart or two, it’s usually for a good reason..

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You are a passionate lover and yet someone who is always in the perpetual pursuit of freedom. People are naturally drawn to you due to your fun-loving spirit and sexy magnetism – as a result, you usually have a lot of options to choose from. Even in relationships that seem stable, you can find yourself a bit bored and longing for more excitement. As a result, you tend to be a bit more flighty in relationships and you avoid commitment whenever you can, which can lead to the breaking of hearts hoping to unite with you on a deeper level.

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While you are certainly capable of being a committed lover, you can also be cold and aloof to the feelings of others at times, Aquarius, and at times you can shut out the people who’ve given you plenty of grace, compassion, and forgiveness in the past – but you don’t want to extend the same courtesy for them. You may also be prone to boredom or even in extreme cases, emotional cheating in your relationships. This can lead to breaking even the hearts that don’t deserve to be broken.

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Ruled by Venus, you are blessed with all the captivating traits that make you a magnetic heartbreaker and a huge flirt in the dating realm. At the same time, you can be committed to a partner when you feel like settling down. As a sign of duality, you are equally capable of experiencing both sides of the heartbreaker and heartbroken scale.

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You have high standards for your relationships, Virgo, yet you also like to “fix” people and hold them to your perfectionistic ideals. You fall somewhere in the middle. You’re not willing to give up on relationships that easily, yet you can walk away when you know all else has failed – breaking a heart or two.

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You are very selective in your choices of long-term partners and everyone usually knows from the beginning whether you actually like them or not and what level of commitment you’re down for – so it’s very rare for you to give people false hope and break their hearts. This leads to less heartbreaking, and more of a chance of your heart getting broken by a special someone. Still, your seductive allure means that it’s still possible you’ll break a heart somewhere along your journey.

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You’re a natural homebody and relationship person – so you’re more likely to get your heart broken because you get your hopes up that your partner is just as committed to you as you are. You can also be a tad possessive and want your special person all to yourself sometimes – as a result, you can get your heart broken because not everyone is capable of that same loyalty or devotion.

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As one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac, you are likely to be the most heartbroken by your partners. Your empathic and caring nature can make you a target for callous, toxic people waiting to exploit the kind-hearted.

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There may have been a time when you broke a heart in the past, but you’re much more likely to be heartbroken in your relationships than most. You’re a sign that loves to love and can jump from relationship to relationship, seeking that perfect soulmate – and this can open you up to a lot of heartbreak.

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