Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Total Homebody To Crazy Outgoing

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Like a fish in a fishbowl, you live in another world—your own. You’re quiet and reflective—which people often mistake for being snobbish or standoffish—but the simple truth is that you find the world inside your head far more interesting than the world outside. You’re a dreamer with a colorful imagination who likes to burrow deeply inside your own mind. It’s like you walk around wearing invisible headphones, focused on your thoughts and dreams. You never get bored when you’re alone, but once you’re in a crowd you can’t wait to get away from the numbers. People may see you as unfriendly, but that’s only because you’ll always be your own best friend. And with a best friend like that, who needs others?

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You’re not quite as introverted as Pisces (but then again, nobody is). You’ll allow a select few people into your life, but you hardly ever let anyone all the way in. You’d rather have a half-dozen solid friends than 5,000 Facebook friends. As with Pisces, sometimes you’ll get so caught-up in your own train of thought that people will mistake you for being rude. It’s not like being at a big, loud party is torture for you, but if you had to choose, you’d always opt for coffee at an all-night diner with a couple friends or, even better, a night at home with a good book and your cat.


Unlike your star sign namesake, you Taureans aren’t quite so bullish when it comes to shaking hands and schmoozing people. In fact, if you have to shake hands, you’re the type who makes sure to carry sanitizer at all times, everywhere. The reason you’re not very outgoing is you’ve been hurt before, so it’s actually wise that you’re a little detached and not as vulnerable as you used to be. You are quiet and low-key and respectful, and you never interrupt or speak over anyone else. But the surprise secret is that to the handful of people you let into your inner circle, you’re actually very funny and silly and warm and uninhibited.

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You’re a born intellectual, which is why you spend so much time thinking instead of talking. You have a vast imagination and are one of that rare breed that can keep herself entertained in a dark, quiet room with no one else around. This doesn’t mean you’re antisocial—you’re actually quite friendly, and people often refer to you as “warm” and a “sweetheart”—but neither are you the type of person who’s so afraid of her own thoughts that she needs to get lost in a crowd just to drown out her own mind. But the reason you’re a dreamer is because your dreams are so beautiful.

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In the immortal words of the Astro Twins Tali and Ophira, you’re an “extroverted introvert.” You can be friendly and even bubbly going to concerts or ball games or even being stuck on the subway at rush hour—but unlike full-on extroverts, you need plenty of alone time, and girl, do I mean plenty. For you to truly unwind sometimes takes an entire weekend. But it’s not so much that you want to be alone with your thoughts as that you want to be undistracted by anyone else’s chitter-chatter while you chase your creative pursuits such as singing and dancing and painting. Once you’ve caught up with your latest creative endeavors, you’re happy to fling the doors wide open and greet the world with a smile again.

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Libras are the type of person who will smile at you while gritting their teeth because they really don’t want to be there. They generally keep to themselves, with the one contradiction being that they make fantastic entertainers and public speakers. In other words, they are very comfortable while alone, extremely fidgety in a crowd of five, but they rule the world when they’re up on stage. So I guess it’s fair to say that they’re mildly introverted in general, with the occasional lapse into extreme extroversion.

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Scorpios can go either way—sometimes passionate and vibrant and charismatic, they can be the first to show up at an event and plaster Instagram with photos every minute. But then when the crowd starts to swell and things get packed and sweaty, they are also the first to be running for the doors. They’re like a firecracker that sparkles for a moment and then quickly burns out.

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The problem with classifying Virgos as introverts or extroverts is because they come in both flavors. Boy Virgos tend toward introversion and are often the first to leave the party, leaving the girl Virgo behind to stand on top of the coffee table and lip-synch to the music while the crowd cheers. Boy Virgos are the deep thinkers, while girl Virgos are the fun-lovers. But all Virgos are perfectionists, meaning that the girl Virgo won’t stop partying until she’s had the time of her life.

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Geminis are both introverted and extroverted, but what else would you expect from The Twins? They love to party—they’re the type that will be the first to show up and the last to leave, but then you won’t hear from them for a full week. They party hard, get partied out, then withdraw for a long recuperation period until they’re ready to go out and dive headfirst into another party again. Or maybe they’re not really introverted at all—maybe they just get really bad hangovers.

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OK, finally now we’re getting into the fun signs. Sagittarians are wild and unbound and fun-loving. She’s the type of girl who will just drop everything, hop in a car, pick up three girlfriends, and drive everyone to a big city in the next state over just to pop into a local bar and meet new people. She can’t stand to be alone—but not because she can’t stand herself, because there’s a huge big colorful world out there that’s just begging her to explore it. This isn’t to say there aren’t any introverted Sagittarians, because there are. It’s only to say that the extroverted ones are such a good time, you forget all about the introverted ones.

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11. LEO

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Would you expect a Lion to be anything but a roaring extrovert? You’re the type of girl who wakes up from the slumber party you’re hosting, makes pancakes for all the other girls at the slumber party, piles them all into a car, drives to the river for some white-water rafting, then takes the gang out for a surprise birthday party for the long-lost friend who just moved back into town. You keep moving and cheering and kissing. Not only do you seize the day—you hug it so hard, it’s almost painful.


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You, the Ram, are a dynamo. You’re the eye of the hurricane, the center of attention, the class clown, and the one they voted most likely to succeed. Your strong, dominant personality makes you very popular. Even introverts like to be around you. When you walk into the party—a little late, naturally—everyone cheers

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