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The Thing That Zodiac Signs Don’t Want You to Do on the First Date

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I think that each of us has at some point opened an internet page to check the compatibility between the zodiac signs.

And this is because we want to know that astrology is on the side of our relationship, but also because we want to find out how we can conquer our partner. Let’s learn as much as possible about him, what fascinates him, what attracts him, but also what he dislikes.

So, if you are preparing for the first date with the man you find interesting, know that there will be no second date if…

ARIES: You meet them in a bar where they have already been twice

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Although theoretically, he doesn’t like to leave his comfort zone, the Aries native wants to be constantly surprised. He dislikes monotony the most, that’s why you will disappoint him if you meet him in the same place he has been before. You, most likely, know that he has been there before and you think that he will be happy to come back, but you are wrong.

TAURUS: You don’t know when it’s time to say goodbye

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Don’t get him wrong. Taurus loves comfort and hates wasting time. He likes it when friends come to visit, he even cooks for them, but he loses his enthusiasm when the guests forget to leave. Be the first to say when the date is over and let him stay looking forward to seeing you again.

GEMINI: You don’t tell them interesting things

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The twins fall in love quickly. They are passionate and want to feel the adrenaline. If the Gemini native does not seek you out for a second date, it means that you do not seem attractive enough to him. Or you are an interesting person, but he didn’t feel the spark that would ignite his heels after you and incite him.

CANCER: You show them your availability without winning their heart first

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The lucky talisman of Cancer is the heart – no wonder they want you to win their heart first and then move on to “serious” business. Usually, women are the ones who are disturbed when the man wants to get into bed from the first night, but some men do not give a second chance to the women who were offered to them on the tray from the first. So, hurry to get into his heart and only then into bed.

LEO: Nonchalantly late for the first meeting

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Leos love to lead and they manage to do it brilliantly, they have high moral qualities and are honest. Do not be late for meetings with them and you will make a good impression. If the reason why you were late to the first meeting is well-founded, carefully prepare your explanations and avoid having a nonchalant attitude. Show him that you care about his time, not just yours.

VIRGO: You have the wrong attitude at the table

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The natives of the Virgo zodiac are educated, kind, and attentive. Therefore, do not treat yourself with superiority, and do not be mean to the employee who serves you food and drink. Also, it is not advisable to drink excessively, but neither should you eat excessively or chew loudly. If he likes you a lot and gives you a second chance despite not following these rules, he will not want to go out to the restaurant again shortly.

LIBRA: You look different than in the pictures

Libra natives are guided by love, harmony, fairness, and beauty. In short, if you want a harmonious love relationship with them, you must be fair and honest. From the beginning. And this means that you are not allowed to present yourself to him with retouched photos in FaceApp so that when you meet, it will be difficult for him to recognize you. Not only will there not be a second meeting, but the first one will last a maximum of one hour.

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SCORPIO: You mention a common acquaintance that they don’t care about

We indeed want our friends to get along well with the partner with whom we have just started a relationship, but this does not mean that we will choose who we fall in love with. So don’t try to win over a Scorpio by telling him you have a mutual acquaintance. It’s an irrelevant detail to him. Especially if that acquaintance is someone he doesn’t care about for various reasons. Focus on yourself and him, and bring the others into the discussion at the next meetings.

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SAGITTARIUS: You make them feel insecure

Sagittarians love adventure and travel, they are active and energetic, and they are charming… but they can feel threatened when you give them too many details about your past full of experiences. They will listen to you carefully, but there is a risk of concluding that you are too much for them.

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CAPRICORN: You leave without expressing your desire to see them again

Sincere and loyal, Capricorn natives have deep feelings and love intensely. To break up with them after the first meeting without telling them how good you felt in their company and that you want to see them again is a painful disappointment for them. Especially if they felt attracted to you. If you keep your feelings and opinions to yourself, you risk not getting any signs from them.

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AQUARIUS: You take them to a stiff, formal restaurant

Aquarians are creative beings, prone to negative thoughts and depressive moods, so don’t take them to cold places that don’t spark their imagination. Choose a place where they can feel in their element, where they can be themselves. This way they will feel at home, and safe, and you will be able to have open conversations.

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PISCES: Don’t give them that overwhelming feeling of a new passion

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Pisces refuse to show their feelings in public, but be sure that if you won them over on the first date, they won’t even wait until you get home to send you the message. That message in which they will thank you for the meeting and even reveal their attraction to you. Pisces want to fall in love at first sight, they yearn for the feeling of butterflies in the stomach.

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