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3 Zodiac Signs That Will Have An Affair In February.

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Even if they are already in a relationship with someone, some signs look for fun and adventure elsewhere.

Find out what they are!

In February this year, some zodiac signs are prone to infidelity. Even if it’s something casual, they betray their partners and risk their love stories.

3 zodiac signs that will have an affair in February

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With the new moon on February 9, Capricorns are apt to enter into relationships with other people without becoming too involved.

Capricorns are very open during this period and clearly communicate what they expect from that adventure. They like it when they don’t have to worry.

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Sometimes it can seem like they are using others when looking for a one night stand.

But they are honest and don’t let their lovers grope in the dark.

The new moon will make Capricorn want fun and adventure and won’t let anything stop them, but they can also be very quick to end things if they get too serious or complicated.

If you’re a Capricorn, you don’t want a one-night stand to ruin your current relationship or marriage, so you’ll try not to get emotionally attached and hide the fling as best you can.


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Clearly, Gemini will be interested in casual relationships with the new moon.

They are looking for people to fall in love with, preferring to remain friends with benefits.

So they keep their relationship or marriage and have fun at the same time.

It’s not uncommon for them to get bored of the couple routine after a while, so they’ll look for a change.

The Gemini native may subconsciously be looking for someone who has someone at home (just like him), thus being more relaxed about being out and about.

He doesn’t want the affair to last long, he just wants to have fun once and that’s enough to be happy.


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With the new moon, Virgo finds it difficult to make decisions, which is why they prefer not to make any.

If you give her a choice between ending one relationship and starting another, she will back down. That’s because he needs more time to find out what he really wants.

He’ll have no problem dating multiple people at the same time, because it’s pretty clear he’s afraid to give up what he already has.

She is likely to make more people suffer if she is not careful because she thinks she has the right to take what she wants.

She pays little attention to the feelings of others and thinks only of herself. Fortunately, this phase will end soon!

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