Zodiac Signs

The Red Flag You Constantly Ignore, Based On Your Birth Month


You ignore their poor communication skills or how forgetful they are. Even though clear communication is something important to you, you tend to attract people who are not that consistent or clear because they know that you are wise, mature, and forgiving and they know they can get away with it. You ignore that aspect because you are a great communicator and you think you can teach that person how to communicate as well as you do.


You ignore their lies. You believe them even though you know they’re lying. No matter how many times this person let you down or said things they didn’t mean, you still believe them because you think maybe this time they will mean it. You take words seriously because you rarely say something you don’t mean and you think people are the same, although they proved to you that they’re not.


You ignore how selfish they can be. You’re a giving and nurturing person, and because you don’t expect much in return, you tend to attract those who take a lot more than they give and you don’t always see how selfish that person really is until it’s too late or until you feel like they’re taking you for granted.


You ignore how indifferent they are towards you. You don’t accept when someone you’re into does not reciprocate your feelings and you still go on like you’re both on the same page. You come up with constant excuses for their lack of effort because you don’t want to admit to yourself that they’re just not that into you.


You ignore how they can slowly take you away from your friends and family. When you’re in a relationship you tend to give it your all and you’re fully committed to that person. However, some people may take advantage of that and push you away from your friends and family because you always worry that they might be upset or jealous that you’re not spending as much time with them.


You ignore their reputation. No matter how many people warn you or tell you that this person is a cheater, a player, a liar, or just outright toxic, you still give them a chance and a key to your heart because you believe that you can bring out the best in them. You also forgive them for the same mistakes over and over again.


You ignore how distant they are. You’re a person who craves intimacy, both physically and emotionally, and sometimes you attract people who make intimacy seem impossible because they’re always so closed off or emotionally unavailable. But somehow you stick around because you’re too patient and understanding and you believe that eventually this person will open up and give you the intimacy you need.


You ignore everything that could be standing in the way of being with this person. You name it—long-distance, religious differences, emotional unavailability. It doesn’t matter how big the obstacle is, you will completely ignore it and still try to be with that person because when you love someone, you won’t give up until you get exactly what you want.


You ignore your own feelings. You can find yourself in a relationship with someone you don’t really like or have strong feelings for but you’re with them just because you don’t want to be alone and sometimes that makes you unhappy. You pick the ones who pursue you even though you know they’re not compatible with you.


You ignore how intrusive they are. They want to know your passcode and they constantly stalk your social media to see who you followed and what photos you liked. You might find it endearing at first, but over time it causes trust issues and unnecessary drama. You are always very open and loving with your partner, but sometimes they can overstep their boundaries because you allow them to.


You ignore how manipulative they are. You know they have a habit of ghosting you or lying to you and making it sound like it’s your fault. You know that they are always blaming you for their own shortcomings, but you keep thinking that maybe they’re having a bad day or going through a rough time because you don’t let people go that easily and you are always trying to ‘fix’ them.


You ignore how needy and codependent they are, and it’s mainly because part of you likes it. You like to feel needed and like your partner is relying heavily on you most of the time, but there’s a thin line between relying on you and using you. You can’t say no to someone you love and you’re always putting their needs above your own, so you tend to attract people who abuse your sense of responsibility and take advantage of your kind heart.

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