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3 Zodiacs Letting Go Of Old Wounds For The Full Moon On January 26

In zodiac and tarot, the full moon is an opportunity to shed bad energies that you’ve been holding onto so that you can start fresh and new. While everyone could benefit from letting go, there are three zodiacs who need it more than ever. As we enter a full moon phase on January 26, this is your chance to finally let go of some of the things that have been keeping you thoroughly stuck.


You’re a sensitive soul. While you would love to be able to let go of trauma as easily as others, that’s just not how you’re wired. It’s a lot harder for you to shed the negative things that have happened to you in your past. While this won’t be an easy fix, you can chip away at old wounds by focusing on letting go during January 26’s full moon. Take a deep breath and imagine the emotional pain dropping away. Notice how your shoulders feel lighter. Keep this moment in time as the start of a new, happier journey.


While it may seem to a casual observer that you don’t let anything bother you, those who really know you have a better idea of what you’re really like. When something doesn’t go right, you hold onto it for far longer than most. You’re the one pining over the one who got away years ago or who’s holding a grudge about a family member even though everyone else has forgotten about it. At some point, the negativity you’re harboring is only affecting you–and not for the better. Do yourself a favor and let go of all the energy that isn’t serving you as the full moon rises on January 26.


Try as you might, anxiety has a way of getting the best of you. If you’re not careful, you let your mind run wild, trying to decipher the meaning out of the littlest things, from texts to the way someone looks at you. Frankly, it can get exhausting caring so much about what other people might be thinking. For January 26’s full moon, let go of all the ways that you worry too much. Worry rarely does any good, instead keeping your stress levels to a maximum. You deserve to be able to take a deep breath.

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