Zodiac Signs

The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Will Always Fight For

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Their “clan”.

Aries are Brad Pitt in Troy. Butt out, and looking for revenge against anyone who lays a finger on their people. The loyalty Aries feels for family, friends, community, nation, and team is unparalleled. The gist is, in a divided world, where ‘us’ against ‘them’ takes on many forms, if you are included in the ‘us’ to which an Aries belongs they will stop at nothing to defend you. Even if you are just an ally, they will never leave you hanging.

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A comfortable life.

A Taurus knows that creature comforts go a long way, and always feel them within their reach. They’ll do whatever it takes for the cush apartment, new car, or fresh clothes to be theirs, whether that’s competing with others or driving a hard bargain. They will negotiate their way into every perk imaginable, and because they are so smooth and well-mannered, no one really minds letting them walk away with a steal. Consider them the quintessential anti-martyr. They’ll never skimp to the point of suffering.

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Despite being entirely vertebrate, no one bends over backward quite like a Gemini, and they’ll never let you forget it either. They are the top performers, producers, contributors, etc., etc. After getting any job done, they will fight tooth and nail for the recognition they deserve. No matter how monumental or menial the task is, they are not going to be taken advantage of when it comes to receiving credit for their effort. Beware those who mooch on a group project, Geminis always save receipts.

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To be treated with respect.

Cancers are the sign that refuses to put up with bullshit. They won’t beg you to treat them the way they deserve; lying, cheating, betrayal, and talking behind their back are one-way tickets for them to send you packing. There is no “fool me twice” with Cancer. They fight for respect by refusing to accept anything less and can spot a red flag from a mile away. They know how to take care of themselves, and can tell the difference between when you do or don’t in return.

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To be everyone’s favorite.

A Leo doesn’t necessarily need to be the queen (or king) bee, but they do need to be your favorite bee. When it comes down to conflicting plans, they absolutely must be your best option. They want to be the funniest, the most relatable, the best-looking, the most approachable, and the most desired. While that may sound exhausting to the rest of the zodiac, a Leo thrives on competition. Without it, there’s no one for them to come out on top against.

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To be right (which also includes having the last word).

If a Virgo is right, which is always, nothing is standing between them and winning an argument. What is the point of backing down when you’re not the one in the wrong? They’re the one sign that takes the phrase fake news personally, because they always know what’s going on, and all of their sources are reputable. If anyone questions their veracity or ethics, they are in for a world of hurt. The only thing that could save you is an immediate retraction and apology packaged in one.

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For their personal space.

Libras will ask you for your help when they need it, and your opinion when they want it, and the other 99% of the time, they want you out of their business and their space. They are social creatures but need space to process emotions and form opinions, and rely on their own convictions to come to a firm conclusion. They don’t like it when people butt in on private thoughts and processes. Their rooms are sacred places, and their diaries are sacred texts.

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Scorpios have seen a lot. They are no strangers to a fling, but when they find the real thing, they won’t walk away without having exhausted all options available. They will make up during any fight, listen to any complaint, declare their true feelings first, whatever it takes to make things right. They value real authentic love more than anything in this world and are not afraid to be vulnerable in order to hold onto it. Nothing and no one can stand in their way.

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Free thinking.

Sagittariuses are the sign that sees books and social media bans as a threat. The more forbidden a thing is, the more they want access to it. They want to make their own opinions and don’t want their worldview limited by censorship or attempts to control their access to knowledge. There is no greater crime in their mind than that of trying to hide ideas from the world. They know the only reason to do so would be when ideas pose a threat to power.

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To exceed expectations.

Capricorns are the accountants of the zodiac. They can quantify any goal, and no matter how impossible it may be, they are always shooting for something well beyond the cipher in question. Whether it’s their own high standards, or demanding asks from outsiders, they just want to prove they can conquer any odds. They love to shock and awe those around them, and succeeding is the best way they know how. It’s all about having the mindset to even make the attempt.

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Aquariuses are the most empathetic to the social struggles of not only their day but of years past. They see the inequity in all of life’s circumstances, and do their part to fight for fairness. It’s not about equality of opportunity or outcomes, they are looking for true equity. I once read that equality is everyone getting the same pair of shoes, and equality is everyone getting a pair of shoes that fits. That’s what Aquariuses are after. Solutions that give people what they need to thrive.

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A dream.

A Pisces may not even be able to explain to you what it is they’re fighting for in reality. It’s a concept, a feeling, a possibility only they are truly cognizant of, because it only exists in their mind, for the moment at least. They are the ones Rogers and Hammerstein wrote about when they said “the world is full of zanies and fools, who don’t believe in sensible rules”, and thank goodness for them, because Pisces are the ones pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the rest of us.

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