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3 zodiac signs that take a long time to say I love you.

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With some zodiac signs, you can probably wait a long time for them to tell you these three words. But for that, it will be really worth the wait in the end. That’s because these zodiac signs mean the future and maybe even forever when they say they love you. So remember, when they say it, they’re really serious about you.

All zodiac signs have their own timeline for saying “I love you” and the good news is that there is no wrong time to open up and say how much you care about someone. Some of them definitely require more patience than others so it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

These 3 zodiac signs take longer to say “I love you”:

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1. Capricorn

It can take a while for Capricorn to put the three words in their mouth. Since this zodiac sign is very single-minded and ambitious, it will take things very seriously. So it would never occur to him to make a declaration of love to someone he is not sure about. It is important to him that the partnership works in the long term and that something can grow from it. Before making this declaration of love, he wants to take the time to make sure the relationship can last for a long time. That’s why he won’t say this sentence until he really knows that this relationship has a future.

Capricorns are also very patient and careful. Therefore, they fall in love with someone step by step, and not suddenly. They will be engaging if they treat you like a long term investment and consistently bring in their time and affection, knowing that continuous effort is required for success. Capricorns also have a more traditional view of relationships. He can also wait for you to tell him that you love him.

He’s the guy who brings you lunch when you’ve forgotten your bag at home, brings breakfast to bed when you’re hungover, or thinks about that one birthday present you really wanted. Being there for you is the way he will express his feelings towards you.

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2. Aquarius

If you run into an Aquarius, you probably already know what you’re dealing with. Aquarians are free spirits and it takes a while for them to admit their love for you and for them to share it with you. They love their independence and also the freedoms they have when they are single. Because of this, it is a big deal for an Aquarius to get involved in a relationship.

For him, saying “I love you” means feeling the pressure of commitment and he would definitely avoid that if the person opposite is not important to him. For this highly independent sign, it takes someone very special to want to make that leap. 

But the wait is worth it in the end! An Aquarius in love will be your greatest advocate. He’s the guy who’ll throw you a surprise party or just make spontaneous plans to make sure you have a great time. He always thinks outside the box and likes to try something new with you. Above all, he expresses his love for you by creating breathtaking experiences that you can share with each other.

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3. Virgo

It is typical for Virgos to be very analytical. That’s why she would never rush headlong into any partnership that she is not sure will be long-term. For her, it is natural to weigh the pros and cons before saying yes to anything or revealing her private feelings for someone. She definitely doesn’t want to make herself vulnerable to others and she quickly feels that it is too early to talk about such sensitive things.

This is simply not an option for them at an early stage! She generally likes to take things slowly and let her emotions naturally develop over time. She has a big heart and would do anything for those she loves, but she needs to make sure someone meets her high standards before she can go all in. In her case, only time can really tell.

But the same applies here: patience is worth it! Because when you consider how carefully the Virgo acts, you know that a declaration of love with a Virgo really comes from the heart. In this case, she really made a list in her head and weighed everything carefully. She doesn’t live in a fantasy or an illusion. She really made a conscious decision of what she wanted. And if she wants to be with you in the end, then you know that it wasn’t sentimentalism, but a well-considered decision.

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