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The Heartbreak You’re Still Not Over, Based On Your Birth Month

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You aren’t over the one who didn’t fall for your lines. You’re normally so charismatic, but they just didn’t gravitate toward you as everyone else does. And maybe that’s why you miss them–not because you wish you were together, but because they represent that you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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You aren’t over the former friend with benefits. You thought you could keep it casual. You worried that if you asked for anything more, you’d scare them away. Sure enough, when you couldn’t hold it in anymore, that’s what happened. Don’t blame yourself–you just wanted something more than they could give.

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You aren’t over the one who challenged you. People seem to do what you say. You have that solid and decisive personality that most people gravitate toward. Yet this person challenged you. They gave it back as good as they got it. And every relationship afterward has paled in comparison to the one that challenged you.

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You aren’t over the quiet one. You love to talk about how you feel, and especially like to hear the same back. And yet you fell for someone who guards their heart. Even though it may have been years since you’ve seen them, you always think back to how mysterious they were and wonder what could have been.

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You aren’t over the one who didn’t see a future with you. Everything seemed so perfect. You’d never loved someone as much as you loved them. But your ideas of the future, commitment, and marriage didn’t align. It was the right choice to end things because of these deal-breakers, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt.

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You aren’t over the one you weren’t ready for. You had growing up to do. You had to figure out who you were and make some mistakes along the way. Now, as you stalk their social media from afar, you wonder if things would have been different if you’d met when you were older and wiser.

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You aren’t over the one who tried to coax you out of your shell. Maybe if you’d met years later, when you’d gotten in touch with how to profess your feelings, it could have worked. And every time you make strides with your love language, you think of them and about what you could have been.

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You aren’t over the one who didn’t want anything serious. You love serious relationships. Marriage-material. And yet you inexplicably fell for someone who was upfront about wanting none. You got your hopes up that they would change their mind and are still heartbroken that they never did.

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You aren’t over your epic friendship breakup. You get over romantic relationships easily, and are soon onto the next. It’s not a lost love that you’re heartbroken over–it’s the painful breakup with a platonic friend. Your relationship was toxic, and you know you’re better off now, but it still hurts every time you think of what it used to be.

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You aren’t over the one who didn’t think they were good enough. Sometimes, no matter how much you love and appreciate someone, they can’t have that same confidence in return. You tried your best to show that they were perfect for you, but they didn’t believe you. Maybe in another life, you’ll end up together.

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You aren’t over the one you finally opened up to. You don’t open up easily to people. You keep your life secretive sometimes, so someone has to be incredibly special for you to be your open and authentic self. That’s why it hurts so much more than it still didn’t work out.

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You aren’t over the one who got away. You love freely and with abandon. You’ve gotten lucky when it comes to your relationships; even when they end, you’re happy to be friends with your exes. And yet…

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there’s still that one–that special ex–who you’ve never quite gotten over. There’s a secret hope in your heart that you’ll find each other again one day.

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