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4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Unashamed to Have Loved and Lost

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You are the type who suffers in silence Cancer, but you don’t hide your feelings out of shame. You don’t feel the need to draw attention to yourself after a breakup, no matter how serious the relationship was. You don’t go looking for pity or revenge. You just deal with your hurt privately. Your life is not a show for other’s entertainment, and you still honor and respect the relationship with privacy, even when it’s over. Sure, you’ll vent a little to your closest friend, but then you’ll move on. You focus on what lies ahead, on what you love about yourself, and on everything else in your life that you’re grateful for. You don’t ignore the disappointment, but you don’t let it take center stage either. When talking about yourself, you can confidently acknowledge your past relationships, but briefly. You don’t dwell on them. You never see yourself as “wounded” in the aftermath of a separation, and never get back out into the dating world prematurely. Others appreciate how emotionally available and open to making new connections you are.

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You know that breakups are a natural part of life, Libra. We age, we grow, we change, and some of the people who come into our lives will ultimately have to leave us, and that’s okay. Every time you enter into a relationship, you do so knowing a breakup is a likely conclusion, a risk you are consciously deciding to take. The reason you can be so comfortable acknowledging your loss is the fact that you always look at the whole picture. You know that a breakup doesn’t negate feelings, memories, or the relationship. Deciding to go your separate ways doesn’t erase all of the time you spent together. Cutting your losses doesn’t mean the two of you didn’t put an enormous amount of effort into the relationship. Walking away doesn’t mean you’re not left with all of the growth and lessons you gave to each other over the course of your time together. You’re the most likely to end things on good terms and be able to cordially communicate with your exes. Pettier signs wonder how you do it.

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You love everything about romance, Scorpio. The infatuation, the chase, the first kiss, the dates, the anniversaries, and even the breakups. You feel it all so deeply, and the bookworm in you loves to live out all of the experiences you used to just read about and imagine for yourself. You are unashamed about your failed relationships because each breakup is an opportunity to experience all of the excitement of a new beginning all over again. You hope to find a soulmate that will stick around for the long haul, but until you do, why shouldn’t you get to enjoy the rush of connection? Your Bollywood theme song of the year is “Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar Hai” which translates to “Love Happens Many Times”. There are so many people lining up for a chance with you, Scorpio, it only seems fair to give at least a few of them a chance. You gain experience from each relationship, and you learn about yourself, others, your needs, and your boundaries. You never ever see that as a loss.

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You find inspiration in heartbreak, Pisces. Whether you’re the highbrow Maggie Nelson Bluet’s type or a die-hard Swiftie, you know breakups equal material the masses relate to. Even if your diary has a readership of one, you still secretly think it’s a goldmine. There would be no Untamed, no Eat, Pray, Love that didn’t start with a divorce. No 500 Days of Summer without a breakupBecause you see life through the lens of an artist, your focus is on accurately capturing and describing the emotions of your personal experience and then finding a way to translate them into creativity. It doesn’t matter what your medium is, you’ll create a Lego sculpture that encapsulates heartbreak or nail the exact recipe for the perfect cookie to eat in the middle of a breakup. Whatever your process is, artistic expression helps you process your own emotions but also allows you to connect with others. We all go through the disappointment of a failed relationship. Why would you ever be ashamed of something that is so quintessentially human?

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