Zodiac Signs

The Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Show You Binge, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Any time the compilation videos pop up in your YouTube Recommended, you fall down the Kitchen Nightmares rabbit hole. Best moments when the staff fought back? Don’t mind if you do.

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My 600-lb. Life

Unlike some people, you aren’t watching this show for the exploitative sideshow vibes. You really care about these people and are forever affected when they become the small statistic who doesn’t make it in the end.

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Love Island UK

No, not the inferior US version. You love watching just how messy these outrageously hot people can get, and you’ll do anything to shoehorn British slang like “cracking on” and “mugged off” into your regular repertoire.

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Real Housewives

You have your favorite version of Housewives, sure, but you’re honestly down for any of them. You like to sit back and smugly judge these women while secretly wishing you could be cast alongside them, wine glass in your hand.

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The Voice

You love to imagine what song you’d choose if you were a contestant. And if you were a judge? You’ll give a running commentary of who you’d turn your chair for and who you’d tell to go home and get better.

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Below Deck

This show is perfect at providing the “I could do it better” FOMO. You love critiquing the bosun or applauding when the chef gives a five-star performance. And looking at those end-of-journey tips? You might just sign up to work on a chartered yacht next summer.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians

You might tell people that you hate-watch it, but that would be a lie. You care about the Kardashians like other people care about the royal family. Why else would you have watched Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and the other million spin-offs?

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The Circle

The contestants make whatever they want of this reality competition show. They can flirt, they can bare their souls, they can catfish everyone as their mom–the options are limitless. You’d like to think you’d win if you were ever on, and you may be right.

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Naked and Afraid

Why have just any old survival show when you can do one completely naked? You can’t help but imagine how you’d do on the show. Good thing you’re confident enough in your skin that just a few well-placed censor blurs would be enough.

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Love is Blind

Would it be great if people found real love on the show? Of course, but that’s not why you watch it. You live for the messy drama and explosive reunions. Nothing’s better than the guy who used eye drops to fake tears in his confessional.

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Pawn Stars

You love history, cool artifacts, and the idea of finding out some hidden gem you got at a garage sale could be worth $50,000. Is the show incredibly over-produced? Sure, but aren’t they all?

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90 Day Fiancé

Sure, you watch for the ridiculous drama, but you also live for the little moments when love actually finds these people. Sure, they’re few and far between, but there truly is someone for everyone.

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