Zodiac Signs

Discovering Your Love Language Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

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Most people are familiar with the five love languages, popularized by Gary Chapman. They are as follows: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and gift-giving.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Words of affirmation is more than just giving compliments, it’s about being really present and showing genuine appreciation for what your partner does and who they are.

Physical touch isn’t just about intimacy, it’s also about the nonverbal use of body language. It’s hugs, kisses, cuddling, even an encouraging shoulder squeeze.

Gifts aren’t just about material items, it’s about thoughtfulness. And if your partner has the love language, you better set several reminders in your calendar for all special occasions and plan thoughtful gifts accordingly!

Quality time is more than just being together, it’s having focused conversations and really connecting in a deep way.

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Acts of service is more than just doing the dishes, it’s showing your partner that you care by wanting to lighten their load.

Most people have one primary love language and maybe 1-2 secondary love languages. And your zodiac sign can heavily influence what you prefer.

Here is what’s most likely to be your love language based on your Zodiac Sign:

Aries — Words of Affirmation

Aries are bold and fiery. They are passionate and motivated and need a cheerleader to root them on as they pursue their goals. Words of affirmation are all that really speak to an Aries so if you can’t provide that, then this isn’t the right zodiac sign for you to date!

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Taurus —Gift Giving and/or Physical Touch

A Taurus loves things. They are material beings and love their aesthetics. They are also highly sensual and physical and feel and express love via physical touch. The combination of the right touches with extravagant or highly thoughtful gifts is irresistible to a Taurus.

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Gemini — Words of Affirmation

Geminis are word people and they love to talk. Words are valuable to a Gemini and need to be seen and appreciated. Quality time doesn’t really do it for them, they need you to talk to them. Known for being flighty and fickle, the real way to their heart is for the conversation to be interesting and intellectually stimulating, otherwise, they’ll get bored and lose interest.

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Cancer — Quality Time, and/or Physical Touch

Known for their sensitivity and introverted, homebody nature, Cancers crave a lot of quality time. Cancers feel happiest at home or with one person they feel very secure around. They are highly emotional and can be insecure so they crave the warmth and validation of physical touch. The way to a Cancer’s heart is to just be there for them and be a steady and stable anchor in their life.

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Leo — Gift Giving and/or Words of Affirmation

Leos are big personalities. They crave attention and want to be seen. The way to Leo’s heart is really to tell them how great they are! This will make you irresistible. They also appreciate big and exciting gifts. They have big personalities and like to live large. If you praise them and give to them, you’re golden.

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Virgo —Acts of Service and/or Words of Affirmation

Virgos are perfectionistic. They are always doing, always trying to get things just right. They are in constant motion. A Virgo really appreciates a partner who sees the effort they put in and genuinely appreciates it. They also really appreciate having someone to take a load off them and take care of them. Just make sure to do things exactly the way they like it or they’ll end up doing it all over themselves!

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Libra — Gift Giving and/or Acts of Service

Libras love nice things and really value nice gifts. They also love feeling taken care of and being doted on so the combination of fancy and thoughtful gifts plus acts of service is the quickest route to a Libra’s heart

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Scorpio — Physical Touch and/or Quality Time

Scorpios are sensual and highly sensitive. They can’t be with a cold person (although that is how they can come across!), they need warmth. They need a loyal, committed partner who will be all in. Their need for physical touch and quality time is on the higher end of the spectrum but if you satisfy their love needs, they will be the best, more loyal partners you could ever imagine.

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Sagittarius — Words of Affirmation and/or Quality Time

A Sagittarius is always on the go. They are world travelers, they love life and want a partner in crime to ride along with them. They need a partner who appreciates their fun, adventurous spirit and will support them for who they are instead of trying to force them into a box. Give a Sagittarius the space and appreciation they need, and they will be yours forever.

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Capricorn — Gift Giving and/or Words of Affirmation

Capricorn is the most driven and motivated sign in the zodiac. As an earth sign, they are very much rooted in the physical world and are driven to both achieve and acquire. A Capricorn really appreciates their possessions and revels in them. They also need to be acknowledged and appreciated for all they do. If you go big with the gifts and the praise for a Capricorn, they will be yours!

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Aquarius — Words of Affirmation and/or Acts of Service

Aquarians are not grounded in reality, they despise the triviality of the day-to-day. They have grand dreams and visions. They want to save the world and all humanity! As such, they really do appreciate a partner who can assist them by doing things to help them while they focus on helping everyone else. Aquarians are out of the box and have a unique perspective on the world. They often feel like outsiders and need a partner who will really value and appreciate them for their independent nature.

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Pisces — Quality Time And/or Acts of Service

Pisces are highly sensitive and need a lot out of their partners. They crave intense quality time where they can really connect deeply. They also appreciate being cared for so acts of service go far.

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