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The First Date Mistake Each Zodiac Should Avoid

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First dates can be nerve-racking for anyone, no matter what your birth chart says. It helps to feel more prepared by knowing a few things about your love interest’s zodiac sign – for example, what they hate on first dates. Here are the fatal mistakes you could make on a date with every zodiac sign, so you know what to avoid and how to impress them instead. Good luck on your outing, and remember – relax, be yourself, and have fun (and if your date is a Leo, make sure you give them plenty of compliments)!

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Aries: Don’t Take Their Insults Seriously

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a bit childish and naive. When Aries people have a crush, they show it like a little kid on the playground – relentless teasing that may come off as bullying instead of affection. But joking around and roasting you is just what this zodiac sign does when they’re into you. If your Aries date is a little too polite, it means they aren’t feeling comfortable enough to be themselves. They might compete with you and toss out some playful insults on your first date, but then they’ll show you how much they like you with a steamy good-night kiss.

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Taurus: Don’t Be Cheap

Taurus people love luxury, so they aren’t intimidated by a first date at a high-end restaurant or an expensive opera show – in fact, they love it! If you have the means, splurge on your date with a Taurus. Or at least plan an inexpensive outing with fancy details, like a picnic with a gorgeous wicker basket full of homemade or carefully selected baked goods and a decent bottle of wine. After all, they deserve it!

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Gemini: Don’t Bore Them

The last thing a Gemini wants to be, whether on a date or anywhere else, is bored. Make sure you bring the entertainment on your first date with a Gemini. Sometimes silence is a sign of comfort, but Geminis love to talk, so don’t let any silence linger for too long. Come prepared with interesting stories or new facts you learned. Talk about the classes you’re taking, an interesting news story you heard, or anything to keep the conversation stimulating and flowing.

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Cancer: Don’t Tease Them

Cancers are highly sensitive, and they want a partner who makes them feel safe and secure. Playful teasing or playing hard to get doesn’t go over well with this zodiac sign. Be sweet and sincere on your first date, and let them know how much you like them. Thoughtful gestures like holding the door for them or helping them put on their coat go a long way with Cancers.

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Leo: Don’t Forget to Compliment Them

Leos adore attention and thrive on compliments, so make sure you lavish your Leo with praise on your first date (and every date thereafter). This zodiac sign loves when you notice little details about them, so go out of your way to compliment their clothes, hair, wit, job, or anything else you can think of. If they feel like you admire them but also bring plenty to the table yourself, you will surely get a second date.

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Virgo: Don’t Neglect Your Hygiene

Virgos are total perfectionists and tend to be clean freaks. Perhaps you could get away with not brushing your teeth or skipping perfume/cologne with another date, but not with this zodiac sign. Pay meticulous attention to your grooming before hitting the town with a Virgo. You and your clothes need to be freshly washed and deliciously fragrant from head to toe if you want to see them again.

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Libra: Don’t Dress Like a Slob

Libra is guided by Venus, the planet of art, beauty, money, and love. Thanks to Venus’ influence, Libras appreciate the finer things in life, and they take special care of their appearance. Your Libra date will be turned off if you show up in a wrinkled old T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. But if you take the time to dress nicely in a coordinated outfit, they will notice and appreciate the effort.

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Scorpio: Don’t Tell Them Too Much

Some zodiac signs are happy to hear your entire life story on a first date, but it’s crucial to show some restraint with a Scorpio. This zodiac sign likes to go deep in conversations, but they also want to savor getting to know you. They may ask you lots of probing questions while keeping fairly silent themselves. Give them just enough to show that you’re being honest and forthcoming, but hold back some intriguing details to reveal later once you know them better.

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Sagittarius: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Sagittarians are natural explorers and they love trying new things. Whether it’s a hot new bar or restaurant or a thrilling activity like bungee jumping, this zodiac sign is down for anything on a first date. If you’re making the plans, try something exciting you’ve never done before – even if it’s a flop, you’ll laugh at it, and they’ll appreciate that you took a risk (Sagittarians have a great sense of humor). If they are making plans, be prepared for something unexpected, and go with the flow.

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Capricorn: Don’t Be Rude

It’s important to be polite on any first date, but it’s especially necessary with a Capricorn. Capricorns are elegant, refined, and traditional. They appreciate a date who dresses well, knows proper etiquette, and is respectful to staff. If you eat with your elbows on the table or demand things from your server without saying please, your Capricorn date will ask for the check before dessert.

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Aquarius: Don’t Be Traditional

Aquarius is perhaps the most eccentric and rebellious zodiac sign. Aquarians dislike anything stuffy and traditional, so plan a quirky and unique first date to match their personality. Instead of the usual dinner and a movie, take them to an escape room or a modern art exhibit. If you can capture their mind and spark their interest, you can steal their heart.

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Pisces: Don’t Resist Affection

Pisces people are very sensual and romantic. They tend to move quickly in relationships and can be touchy-feely. Your Pisces date may want to hold your hand or sit close to you. Don’t resist their affection in an attempt to play hard to get, or they will feel like you’re rejecting them. However, if you’re truly uncomfortable or they make unwanted advances (a possibility with any zodiac sign), feel free to pull away or leave the situation. But if you like them and they slip their arm through yours as you walk down the street, embrace the gesture to let them know you reciprocate their feelings.

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