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3 Zodiacs Who Prioritize Physical Attraction In Relationships

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Aries are pretty bold, somewhat intense, passionate creatures. If a relationship isn’t working for them or a person is rubbing an Aries the wrong way, they will speak up and they will make necessary changes (like cutting someone off). With that being said, Aries tend to put a lot of pressure on their relationships with the hopes that they’re always physically attracted to the person they’re dating. In fact, if they’re not getting that feeling from their partner if they feel like they aren’t attracted to them, they might even look outside of the relationship and get it elsewhere. It’s that important to them. They have a lot of (sexual) energy and need to put it somewhere!

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Leos are all about physical affection and attraction. They are so passionate and flirty and all about intimacy. Not only that, but they like being the center of attention (with or without a partner by their side) and want to look their absolute best all the time. Leos are all about looks — they want to look better than anyone else and also wants the person they’re dating to not only match that same energy but also understand it. They look at physical attraction and intimacy as some of the most important things in a relationship and without it, it’s a flop.

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Scorpios are known to be very intense people, in every aspect of their lives, but more so in a relationship So take that intense energy and blend it with their incredibly strong, sensual side. What do you get? A Scorpio who deeply values physical attraction. They can’t be their true passionate selves with someone unless they feel that physical connection. Sometimes they don’t trust them enough too, and aren’t ready yet to show the parts of themselves they (try to) hide, so they keep things casual with a strictly physical, no-strings-attached relationship.

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