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The 5 Most Unforgiving Zodiac Signs

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Capricorns will not put up with nonsense or toxic behavior. It’s not their job to fix someone else’s issues. If you betray a Capricorn, don’t expect them to forgive you. They’ll wish you well and keep their distance indefinitely. They’d much rather have a clean break than keep someone around who isn’t worthy of their time and energy.

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This water sign is empathetic and emotional, making them moody and easily offended. They may become passive-aggressive and petty when they feel betrayed. Though not the best at setting boundaries, they are unlikely to forgive and forget. If they choose to keep you in their life, they’ll build up resentment (and issues will likely resurface).

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If you betray a Taurus, they’re unlikely to forgive you. They have self-respect and won’t let you cross them a second time. Boundaries are crucial in all of their relationships. Once Taurus has made a decision, getting them to change their position is challenging — if not futile.

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Scorpios are fiercely loyal, sometimes to a fault. They’re also the zodiac sign least likely to forgive. It’s hard for them to move past betrayal, and often, they’ll hold onto the resentment forever. If you cross a boundary, they’ll cut you off harshly and coldly.

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Leos are kind and naturally optimistic but rarely give second chances. Once you show your true colors to Leo, it’s hard to regain their confidence. They can often forgive and forget but won’t let the behavior reoccur in the future. They can quickly eliminate toxic people if they believe it’s for the better.

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