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The 5 Most Socially Intelligent Zodiac Signs

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No one exercises their social intelligence as well as a Libra. They’re known as the peacemakers of the zodiac; these signs are masters at communicating. They know how to listen and respond with intent. They’re not usually known to be defensive. From what they voice to their beliefs and morals, you can count on this air sign to be fair in everything they say and do.

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Gemini is the brainiac of the air signs. Though they’re not as much of a peacemaker as Libra, they hold a world of knowledge and push their minds to stay open. So, they know how to handle differences in opinion quite well. They welcome and encourage productive conflict.

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If there’s anyone who knows how to make a diverse group of people feel at ease without sacrificing their individuality, it’s Aquarius. Assertive, friendly, and inviting, this air sign knows how to mingle. They don’t take things too personally when dealing with people. They tirelessly work on themselves because they understand you can’t get a good pour from a half-full glass.

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Emotionally and socially intelligent, Pisces can make anyone feel validated. Though not as social as the air signs, these water signs let their magic loose through intimate conversations. They are very spiritual people. They can see beyond the surface and look directly at what’s happening deep inside.

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For the most part, Virgos are level-headed people. They’re great listeners and understand that not everything revolves around them. They wouldn’t dare post anything they’d regret online and aren’t the type to react recklessly when provoked. They aren’t afraid to walk away from someone who wants to win an argument rather than learn.

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