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4 Zodiacs Who Will Heal Their Inner Child This Gemini Season

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While we all have an inner child that needs nourishment and healing to different degrees, there are some zodiacs who will be given the chance to give theirs the attention they need this Gemini Season. These four zodiac signs should listen to what their inner child needs this month, because in allowing them to thrive, they’re allowing themselves to thrive, too.

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The energy is always high for you during your own season, Gemini—it’s as if someone has turned up the volume on your personality, letting you be fully yourself. You have a natural childishness to you, and when you’re in your element, you’re given the opportunity to explore that side of you in depth. This Gemini season, you’ll feel more playful than usual and might find yourself forgoing the pressures of adulthood for the whimsy of creativity. While it’s important not to let too many of your responsibilities slip, it’s also important that you give into this lighthearted energy—in allowing yourself to indulge in it, you’re giving your inner child the chance to not only heal but to thrive. By allowing yourself to step into your full energy over the next month, you’re reminding yourself that age can never take away those whimsical, carefree parts of yourself.

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Recently, you might have felt bogged down by the responsibilities of adulthood—after all, after a certain age, they’re hard to escape. You’re the kind of person who knows how to put their head down and get things done, but without allowing yourself the opportunity to indulge in life’s simple pleasures, you might end up feeling burned out and stressed. The changing season, however, is giving you plenty of opportunities to reconnect with your inner child—even just spending time outside in the sunshine reminds you of childhood and those summer afternoons you spent exploring the world around you. You might find yourself tempted to give into silly, whimsical hobbies, and you should let yourself—by engaging with these impulses, you’re giving your inner child the chance to feel free again, away from the constraints of adulthood and the pressures you may have felt growing up. Feed these passions, no matter how silly or inconsequential they may seem.

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Pisces, you always feel yourself being pulled this way and that by society’s expectations, and because you’re good at going with the flow, it’s easy for you to find yourself pulled into the everyday drudgery of adulthood. But at heart, you’re not the kind of person who cares to put their head down and hustle—you know life is full of so many more colors than that, and your inner child is always bursting at the seams waiting to be acknowledged. Luckily, the fun, sociable air of Gemini season will give you the chance to give that childlike part of yourself more attention, and you may find yourself indulging in hobbies you haven’t since you were a little kid. By connecting with this creative, curious part of yourself, you’re giving your inner child the room to grow that perhaps society never allowed—and by indulging in it, you’re giving yourself the room to heal, too.

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Virgos are often the kind of people who feel like they have to grow up quickly—it’s possible they spent their childhood taking on a lot of responsibility or dove headfirst into adulthood, leaving behind the carefree feeling of being a kid easily. While it may not have been something you mourned in the moment, as you grow older, you may have begun to feel like you missed out on something, especially as your inner child grew restless without the proper nourishment. But as the sun comes out and summer begins, you may find yourself feeling the sudden urge to let go of some of your safeguards and instead give in to the lighthearted, flowing feeling that Gemini season brings all of us. Don’t be hard on yourself for dropping the ball on a few things—it’s important for you that you allow your inner child to take the wheel right now, because they’ve been neglected for too long and you’ll feel the stress start to melt away once you give them a chance to explore their creative pursuits

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