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The 5 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

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If Aries feel like someone is threatening their relationship, career, or friendships, they’re immediately triggered — leading to jealousy. They have a short temper and lash out unexpectedly when they feel insecure.

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Scorpio takes first place on the list of the most jealous zodiac signs. This is primarily due to their overprotective and intense nature. Scorpios fear betrayal by those they love most, which often manifests as envy and rage. They don’t want to own their partners, but they certainly want to have plenty of control over them in every way possible.

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Symbolized by the bull, Taurus has an intense possessive side that can lead to jealousy. They are highly committed spouses and expect the same faithfulness in return. They become covetous when they feel that their relationship is threatened by an outside source. This stems from a deep-rooted fear of losing those they truly care about.

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Cancers are compassionate and emotional creatures. It’s easy for the Crab to become quickly attached to people and become jealous when they feel threatened. This stems from an immense fear of rejection. It can be challenging for Cancers to honor other people’s successes because they secretly envy them.

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This fire sign craves attention and praise 24/7. They want to be in the spotlight. When someone else gets in their way, the green-eyed monster comes out. When they feel jealous, they’ll often revert to talking about themselves to gain power (and remind everyone how awesome they are).

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