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2 Zodiacs Set For Good Luck On 6/10/24 (When The New Moon Rises In Gemini)

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On June 10, the New Moon rises in Gemini, the zodiac sign of The Twins. Depending on where a New Moon falls in your birth chart, this celestial event signals a fresh start. Fortunately, June’s New Moon forms a conjunction with prosperous Venus, meaning that two signs will get a double dose of financial fortune on this magical day.

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June’s New Moon falls in Taurus’s 2nd House of Earned Income. This is terrific news for all Bulls—particularly ones who are looking for a raise or a high-paying job. Since the New Moon is conjunct Venus, this zodiac’s ruling planet, a significant boost in income is favored. Suddenly, all the luxury that this sign adores will be well within reach of their budget.

That’s not all! Since the Moon represents domesticity, the chance for Taurus to purchase their place is greatly increased in early June. A home that’s near intellectually stimulating places like universities, museums, libraries, and bookstores is highly favored. Additionally, Gemini represents short-distance travel, suggesting that the public transit options will be excellent. At the very least, the Bull’s commute time might be cut in half after this move.

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An inheritance, dividend, lottery win, grant, or scholarship could be coming Scorpio’s way in early June. That’s because this month’s New Moon falls in the Scorpion’s 8th House of Unearned Income. A big lump sum of money will allow this zodiac to travel, go back to school, take time off to write a book or launch their own business.

This additional income can also help Scorpio eliminate debt, improve its credit rating, and get an excellent interest rate on a home loan. The extra buying power that June 10th’s New Moon brings to this zodiac will be significant. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, Scorpions will be able to save money and establish the lavish lifestyle they richly deserve.

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