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The 3 Funniest Zodiac Signs (Without Even Trying)

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There are two types of funny people–the ones who mean to be funny and the ones who do it without even trying. For the former, they’re coming up with jokes and quips that they can bust out just at the right time for maximum laughs. They care about being the funniest person in the room. But what about the people who don’t try to be funny? They may not mean to get the laughs they do, but their quick thinking often makes them the funniest of their friend group. If you’re one of these three zodiacs, you’re just naturally hilarious.

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While you certainly love the idea of being funny, it isn’t when you plan something out that gets you laughs. You’re well-known for not really thinking before you speak. You’ll blurt out anything that comes to your head before you’ve really thought through whether or not it’s a good idea. Your quick wit then kills the room with laughter, and you still haven’t even realized that you said something funny. The danger of not having a filter is that, if you’re not careful, you might end up making a joke at someone’s expense that hurts their feelings.

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Your wit can be biting. While an Aries might say something mean without intending to, you’ll throw out barbs knowing full well that they aren’t the nicest. Luckily, your friends know you well and know that you aren’t a monster. Instead, they take what you say as a joke regardless of your intent. That’s probably why they’re always asking for your opinion. They know that even if your opinion is negative or pessimistic, it’ll still be hilarious. Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as funny, everyone else would disagree.

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You’re the type to see everyone laughing at what you said and then still not understand why they think it’s so funny. You were just trying to share your opinion or let people know a bit of fun, relevant trivia you learned. You have a goal with everything you say, and if something wasn’t intended to get a laugh, you feel a little weird when it does. You’re surprised when people think you’re so funny. But, in the end, at least that’s a positive assumption. It’s better than them thinking you’re an ass.

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