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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have Difficulty Maintaining Work-Life Balance

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For most people, there’s nothing quite like clocking out of work and glorying in the peace and tranquility of your free time. For others, the ability to maintain a clear-cut distinction between work and personal life isn’t always so seamless or easy. These zodiac signs display an unwavering work ethic that doesn’t know the meaning of the words “rest” or “relaxation.” In most cases, these people feel a consistent drive to focus on their professional lives, even during their off-hours at home.

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For you, an hour away from work is an hour completely wasted. You feel an insistent need to keep busy, whether it’s basic household chores or sending out one last email before you log out on Friday. Lingering around the office until 5 o’clock sharp, the idea that you can leave work early has never crossed your mind. For Virgos, there’s always something to do or some immediate professional crises that need to be taken care of. Whereas some people might sip on a glass of merlot to unwind, you’re happier pouring your next cup of coffee, slurping it down as you scan your continuously growing to-do list for the day.

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You were used to being the “responsible one” in your family from a very early age. A natural hard worker, you were the kind of student who completed an entire school project on your own, preferring to handle assignments based on your exact specifications. Over the years, that prevailing sense of responsibility has only grown stronger with time, making you a well-oiled machine when it comes to handling the most taxing professional obstacles. While some might get a workplace report in on time, you had a polished draft ready days before its official due date. Whereas your coworkers might shirk an additional assignment from your boss, yours is the first hand to shoot up in the air, adding just one more task to your already extensive schedule.

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You don’t love work for work’s sake–you love it as a means to an end. Forever defined by your ambition, to you, the only way to get ahead in life is through grit, hard work, and determination. So what if you have to stay late most days to impress your boss? In two years, when you’ve finally earned that long-awaited promotion, you’ll be the one laughing it up in your spacious corner office. Daydreaming in your cubicle, you harbor fantasies of paying an expensive restaurant bill without jeopardizing your allotted budget for groceries. The only way to enjoy that imaginary life of luxury you’ve built for yourself is by spending as much time working as possible, pushing yourself to the limit now so that you’re able to enjoy yourself later.

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