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From terrible to ideal: partner rating for men by zodiac signs

Each of you is unique in your own way, and your next relationship is completely different from the previous one. Most often, you rush things, not realizing that over time your interests may change.

Compatibility is of great importance in a relationship, being a starting point to determine the feasibility of a particular pair. Astrologers compiled a ranking of partners for men: from worst to best.


Scorpio women are incredibly honest. They cope well with criticism and are confident that everyone around them has the same stamina. Scorpio women are not shy of their feelings and are always ready to punish a partner who has committed an unforgivable mistake in relation to them.


Virgo women often suffer from self-doubt. They constantly strive for excellence and criticize every little thing that, in their opinion, prevents it from being achieved. Virgo women often come to the conclusion that they simply do not deserve the attention of their partner.


For Aries women, time always plays a decisive role. They are impulsive and domineering. Regardless of the desire and willingness of their partner, they will certainly rush things in their relationship.


Women Taurus are stubborn and indomitable. They value their freedom and are well aware that they cannot feel full due to having a partner. Relations with them will never develop rapidly, because at first they will want to make sure of the sincerity of the intentions of the man.


Cancer Women are in a simple and understandable way. A man will need a lot of time to win their trust and win over him. As soon as this happens, the Cancer women will become the most caring and attentive to those who are dear to them.

a lion

Female Lions have expectations that are not always easy to live up to. However, should a partner prove himself and win their heart, they will immediately express their feelings. Women Lions, as true saviors , love to help those who are in trouble.


Aquarius women are independent, sometimes impulsive and irrational. The irony in their case is that they are always faithful to the man, even despite the kind of detachment that they adhere to in relationships. Aquarius women must definitely feel worthy.


Twin women are endowed with two conflicting sides. Today they can be quite sociable and funny, but tomorrow they will become secretive, passive and pessimistic. A partner will be able to win their heart only if he can accept both sides of the coin.


Libra women will always maintain honesty and justice. They are not prone to conflicts, so they rarely point out errors to their partners. Communication, in their opinion, lies at the heart of healthy relationships. In addition, Libra women are extremely negative about jealousy.


Capricorn women strive to build perfect relationships. If something, in their opinion, goes wrong, they instantly take the situation into their own hands, not being shy about openly dominating the partner. At the same time, Capricorn women are ready to defend the interests of those who are dear to them, as their own.


Women Pisces are always mistrustful of partners. Despite this, they are used to supporting those who are dear to them, keeping their secrets and helping to gain self-confidence.


Sagittarius women are often too unsure of themselves and self-critical. They constantly motivate their partner to strive for the best and spare nothing for his sake. In addition, Sagittarius women are always sure that they are not doing enough for their relationship, but at the same time they are not trying to make additional efforts.

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