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What To Expect This Eclipse Season, According To Your Zodiac

Eclipse season is intense. There’s no getting around it: every time we’re stuck in the liminal space between eclipses, the world somehow feels wrong. It’s a little like the experience of sleeping fitfully in the airport waiting for a delayed flight, only to find the plane on fire when it arrives.

Hang in there. The first eclipse on the Aries-Libra nodal axis technically occurred back in April, followed by a lunar eclipse in Taurus in early May. The Scorpio-Taurus eclipse season will overlap until the end of October of this year, at which point Libra and Aries placements will be the stars of the show until 2024.

The two major solar eclipses closing out 2023 will occur within weeks of each other, ensuring that October 2023 won’t be quickly forgotten by history.

The first is a solar eclipse at 21° of Libra on October 14th, and the partial lunar eclipse at 5° of Taurus will follow just days before Halloween on October 28th. Spooky season, indeed.

Read on to learn how your life will be changed, according to your zodiac sign.


You’ve been a major player this year, Aries. Now there are two back-to-back eclipses in your seventh and second houses of marriage and finances, respectively. Expect potentially disquieting revelations to be brought to your attention regarding your closest relationships. Secrets will be brought to light, conflicts will be short and final, and closure will finally be yours. The lunar eclipse might even offer you a surprise bonus at work as a consolation prize.


Who you want to be and who you actually are is at odds right now, Taurus. You probably don’t need to be told that. With eclipse season setting your sixth and first houses on fire this month, you’re going to face tight conflicts between your daily habits and your ideal self, which might seem unattainable due to others’ expectations, time restraints, or your current workplace. By the end of the month, you’ll feel a sense of liberation.


Your creative and romantic self will come alive during this eclipse season, Gemini, as the solar eclipse lights up your fifth house and brings potential for exciting new projects and affairs. However, the lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of the unconscious will cast a darker shadow, forcing you to self-isolate and face trauma before you move ahead with these goals. Take the time to journal and process your emotions before you project them to the world.


Have you been neglecting yourself in favor of everyone else around you, Cancer? The challenges you’ll face this eclipse season surround your identity at home versus in your larger network of friends. While the solar eclipse forms a tense square to your sign in your quiet and hidden fourth house of family, the lunar eclipse will force you to contend with external circumstances disrupting your community at large. If you’ve been feeling lost in the shuffle, you’ll rediscover yourself at the end of the month—and maybe, just maybe, learn to set some work-life boundaries.


Everyone knows you love to be in the spotlight, Leo, and this eclipse season you can expect your peers to notice you, with the solar eclipse highlighting your third house of local community. You’ll most likely experience this as positive, but it could also dredge up some toxic jealousy from siblings or neighbors you didn’t recognize as such. During the lunar eclipse in your ninth house, expect news from abroad or opportunities for lofty educational goals to be highlighted in a slightly less comfortable way. You may suddenly have to make a decision: should I remain a big fish in a small pond, or try to set my aims higher?


You like to keep strong control of your brand and your appearance, Virgo, and any new side hustles relating to public image might just pay off with the solar eclipse shining down on your private second house of finances. Later on, the lunar eclipse in your ninth house will uncover potential you didn’t see coming. You might suddenly find yourself presented with an opportunity to move to another country or study under the mentorship of a spiritual leader you admire. Either way, it will put you in the public eye and increase your earning potential in a major way.


You’re the MVP this time around, Libra. You won’t be able to sit this one out even if you want to. With the solar eclipse setting fire to your first house of identity, you can anticipate big changes coming to the way you are viewed by others—and how that reflects back on your sense of self-worth. The lunar eclipse will darken your eighth house of other people’s resources, potentially bringing disruptive financial news into your sphere. You’ll experience this as a tense and uncomfortable situation, but whatever happens, it will force you to grow into a more stable, enlightened, and generous version of yourself.


A series of eclipses in your sign have left you feeling deflated after the past year and a half, Scorpio, but you’ll be relieved to know that after this month, it will all be over. First, you’ll have a solar eclipse in your twelfth house, and you’re almost certainly going to experience it as a series of weird, destabilizing dreams. Take care of yourself during this time and try to keep the drug and alcohol use to a minimum. You’ll also have to own up to some of your relationship issues, with the lunar eclipse disrupting your seventh house. If you’ve been putting off ending a romantic or business partnership, you won’t be able to avoid the issue any longer. If your relationship survives, congratulations! It’s probably going to be able to withstand anything.


You’re very much an independent spirit, Sagittarius, but the solar eclipse in your eleventh house will place your larger community at the forefront in a largely harmonious way. You’re likely to encounter new mentors and friends at work that can guide you to reach your highest potential. Don’t be suspicious of their intentions or hesitant that they will deny you your individuality. During the lunar eclipse, your sixth house will be darkened; expect some conflicts at work, and brace yourself for a potential sudden job change. You can handle it, with your broadening network.


All eyes will be on you during the solar eclipse, Capricorn, as it lights up your tenth house of career and reputation. This is not the time to launch anything new, but simply sit back and observe the fruits of your labor, for better or for worse. With a tense square forming between your ascendant and Libra, you can expect to face some obstacles and potentially take some hits. If you are disappointed in yourself and wish to recalibrate, the lunar eclipse offers an auspicious opportunity to do so, with your fifth house of creativity keeping you open to new ideas.


Thinking of studying something new or going abroad, Aquarius? Your sense of identity is going to be influenced by ninth house matters as the solar eclipse makes its mark on this very public part of your chart. Your goals are likely to succeed if you plant the seeds at this time. The lunar eclipse, on the other hand, will be a more private and painful experience, centering around your home and family in the fourth house. Figure out how you can balance your higher ambitions with your domestic responsibilities.


You’re the eternal dreamer, Pisces, but you will come face-to-face with the darker side of life as the solar eclipse takes place in your eighth house of taboos and other people’s resources. You could receive a surprise promotion or an inheritance, but it will feel as though it’s coming at the expense of your individuality or moral compass. Soon after, the lunar eclipse will provide a welcome relief from this heaviness as your closest relatives and local community offer a safe place for you to grow, learn, and invest in your future.

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