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In Relationships, Little Things Matter

1. Little insults matter. Subtle backhanded compliments and rude comments dropped here and there might not seem like a big deal. They might not seem like grounds for a breakup at first. But they can make someone grow in a different direction than you. They can make someone stop trusting you. They can make someone feel uncomfortable around you, like they can’t tell you anything, like you’re going to judge them. Little insults, even when they’re meant to be funny, can ruin the relationship. It can make your partner pull away from you. It can convince them they can do better.

2. Little snippets of effort matter. Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Grand romantic gestures are wonderful — but they’re not the most important part of a relationship. The everyday things that you do matter more. Grabbing your partner’s hand while you’re driving. Cuddling them while you’re watching a movie. Making them coffee in the morning. Sending them good night texts. Asking them how their friends and family have been. Buying their favorite snacks when you go grocery shopping. These little things add up. They make a relationship stronger.

3. Little compromises matter. Letting your person pick the movie. Letting them pick the restaurant. Letting them pick the music for a car ride. These things might seem small, but acting like their opinion matters to you is important. Acting as a team is important. Showing them you value their happiness is important.

4. Little compliments matter. You have no idea how powerful your words are. You might completely forget you said something moments after it leaves your mouth, but your person might remember those words forever. It might boost their mood and their confidence. Make sure you never hold back your feelings from your partner. Don’t hesitate to tell them how wonderful they look or how much you love them. Don’t let a day go by without reminding them how much they mean to you.

5. Little arguments matter. More importantly, how you handle little arguments matter. Whether you’re fighting over something silly or serious, you should take your partner’s feelings into consideration. You should listen to their side of the story. You shouldn’t curse them out or act like your opinion matters more than their own. You shouldn’t make them feel crazy over their emotions. You should treat them with respect, always.

6. Little betrayals matter. You might not think it’s a big deal if you keep a secret from your partner or tell a little white lie, but they want you to be honest with them. Even the smallest betrayal could cause them to stop trusting you. It could make them question whether you’ve been lying about other things, bigger things. It could be the beginning of the end of your relationship.

7. Little acts of affection matter. A kiss on the forehead. A squeeze on the hand. A long hug from behind. The cute, little things you do for your partner will make their day brighter. It will make them love you even more. Even if you’re sure they already know how you feel, it never hurts to remind them with a touch or two.

In Relationships, Little Things Matter
In Relationships, Little Things Matter

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