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Ranking Zodiac Signs By How Likely They Are To Sabotage Their Relationship

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1. Scorpio

Scorpios are definitely the most likely to sabotage their own relationships. While you have a lot of great qualities when it comes to love (your ability to attract people towards you, your passion, your magnetism), you always end up digging yourself a hole you can’t climb out of. This is largely due to your struggles with jealousy and obsession – you have a hard time letting things go, you hold on to your resentment, and you bottle things up instead of talking to your partner. It can be a very deadly combination when it comes to your relationship.

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2. Taurus

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Tauruses are some of the warmest and most loving people on the planet. But you also have a lot of issues with needing control. While your patience and warmth are wonderful things to bring to your relationship, you also have a very intense need for security and constant reassurance. Often, this need can turn incredibly toxic towards your relationship when it begins to bring out a jealous, possessive, and stubborn side of you. And eventually, when your obsessive and jealous tendencies override your loving and warmhearted tendencies, you can end up really harming your happy relationship.

3. Gemini

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Geminis can pretty much handle and adapt to anything – except for your love life. While you’re used to being the dynamic, outgoing, energetic person to everyone else, you’re dealing with a lot more turmoil internally – anxiety, isolation, loneliness. Your problem with relationships isn’t a struggle to meet people – you are very socially gifted and people are drawn to you. Your struggle comes from being unable to open yourself up and get to know your significant others on a deeper and truly more vulnerable level – and that’s where your unintentional self-sabotage comes from.

4. Leo

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Leos don’t struggle as much with love in the beginning – it’s when you’re in the thick of it and the relationship has lasted a while that things start to take a turn for the worse. When you’re in a new relationship, it’s all about excitement and giddiness; you’re thoughtful, your warmth is palpable to the other person, you’re dependable. The trouble comes when your overbearing, stubborn, and egotistical side comes out. You don’t know how to apologize, you always want to have the upper hand, and if it comes down to being right or being happy, you subconsciously will always put more importance towards being right.

5. Cancer

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Cancers are sensitive, there’s no doubt about that; and much of the time, that’s a good thing. You’re in touch with your emotions and you’re very good at articulating how you feel. But the problem is that you don’t know how to let go. It’s good to air your grievances and get any issues or resentments off your chest, but the purpose of doing that in a healthy way is to talk about it with your significant other, and then move on. But it’s the ‘moving on’ part that is your downfall. During arguments, your defensive instinct is to bring up issues or mistakes that your partner made in the past that you’ve ‘forgiven’ them for – you tend to hold on to resentments and tally mistakes that your partner has made instead of just forgiving them and letting go, and that’s when your relationship truly suffers.

6. Virgo

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When it comes to love, Virgos are always standing in their own way. You’re certainly practical and intelligent about your love life, which can be a good thing. But when your tendency of overthinking starts to run the relationship for you, that’s when you’re in trouble. It’s hard for you to just relax and let yourself be in love – instead, you’re trying to stay one step ahead and protect yourself from getting hurt, and you’re constantly obsessing over whether or not this will work. And while you’re doing that, all the joyful and happy parts of falling and being in love are rushing right past you.

7. Aries

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An Aries in love is a hard thing to miss. With your energetic and enthusiastic nature, it’s hard for you not to shout your feelings from the rooftops. You really do love being in love. The tricky part for you is once the initial ‘falling’ high fades and your relationship begins to naturally transition into a more steady and consistent everyday thing, as opposed to a passionate, heart-pounding whirlwind. It’s when this happens that you start to get a little antsy and weary of commitment, and it’s usually pretty easy for your partner to pick up on. It will typically be the first really big fight and hurdle that you at least try to get through in a relationship – although sometimes, your fear of commitment unfortunately wins.

8. Libra

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Libras aren’t necessarily super self-detrimental when it comes to love; but on the other hand, you do have a hard time making up your mind and sticking to one path. With so many friends, such a magnetic personality, and so many things going on in your life, your attention is always being drawn to the next exciting thing. So when it comes to trying to maintain a steady, healthy, consistent relationship, it can be difficult for you to get used to the ‘routine’ of it all. You’re not really self-destructive when it comes to your relationships, but you’re also not super great at putting your foot down and making a firm and timely decision about what you want.

9. Capricorn

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When it comes to relationships and falling in love, Capricorns are definitely steady, self-assured, and relaxed. You’re upfront about what you want and you never waste your time on people who are just interested in playing games. Really, your only problem is that you can be a little reserved, and a little pessimistic – out of self-preservation and fear of getting hurt or let down. But when you find someone who knows how to call you out on that, you don’t have much of a problem forcing yourself to swallow your pride and just enjoy the person you’re falling for.

10. Aquarius

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Your relationship would never suffer from you necessarily sabotaging it – it’s more likely that your relationship would suffer for the opposite reason, meaning it would suffer from you not doing anything at all. An Aquarius has a tendency to remain aloof, detached, and unemotional – especially when you’re falling in love. So your problem would never be that you scare your partner or actively chase them away; it’s more like you just need to figure out a way to be more conscious of your own self-protective tendencies and make sure you’re clarifying with your significant other that you want them and want to be with them – and that sometimes it’s just going to take you a few tries to get it right.

11. Sagittarius

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It’s hard for a Sagittarius to be detrimental to a relationship – especially because you have such a positive, optimistic, and open outlook on life. You’re straightforward about what you want while also knowing how to appreciate the joyful and wonderful aspects of falling in love. And you’re not afraid to be honest about your feelings and open with your heart. The only thing that you need to watch out for is making sure you don’t become overly happy-go-lucky or blindly optimistic; you want to make sure you don’t accidentally choose someone who would hurt you or take you for granted.

12. Pisces

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Congratulations Pisces, you are least likely to ruin your own happy love life! With such a compassionate and sensitive nature, you know how to relate to others and how to form strong connections with those you care about, especially your significant other. Your kind and selfless, you know how to take responsibility for yourself in a relationship, and you know when you should stand your ground versus when you should put your partner first. You tend to have very healthy relationships, and the only thing you need to keep an eye on is your tendency to become too comfortable in a relationship; you want to make sure that you have an identity outside of that person, even if they are the most important thing in the world to you.

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