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2 Zodiacs Who Will Find Their Superpowers Over The Next 19 Years (With Pluto in Aquarius)

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Transformative Pluto tours subversive Aquarius for the next 19 years. Obviously, this transit has long-term effects on every zodiac, but there are two signs that are empowered by this planetary shift.

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Moon Children are hosting Pluto in their eighth house of birth, death, and resurrection. That means this zodiac has a chance to breathe life back into any dreams that have fallen by the wayside, no matter their age or situation in life. Embarking on a new career, relocating overseas, or earning an advanced degree are among the exciting possibilities.

Additionally, Crabs can adopt an entirely new identity that resonates with their evolving interests. Changing political parties, sexual orientations, names, or citizenship will be trends associated with this zodiac. People who have been married for years may become single, or die-hard singletons could embark on committed relationships.

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The reason for these big shifts is simple. Pluto’s tour of the eighth house gives Cancer tremendous courage. Instead of going along with the crowd, this zodiac will be driven to realize their heart’s desire. It’s an empowering change that makes Moon Children superheroes of the zodiac.


Profound Pluto moves through Aquarius’s first house of identity until 2043. Consequently, this zodiac will dispense with superficial friendships, pursuits, and assignments in favor of authenticity. While it’s true the Water-bearer never shies away from controversy, this sign will double down on their decision to live the way they want.

Whether this means standing up to a toxic boss, revolutionizing their neighborhood, or reinventing their body is immaterial. Pluto’s transit through this zodiac’s first house will empower Aquarius to break away from an identity that no longer serves them, replacing it with a far more rewarding way of life.

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Water-bearers who want to transform their entire lives will have the ability to do so. Replacing limiting beliefs with abiding faith in the universe’s bounty is easy under this planetary energy. This liberating change gives Aquarius the superpower to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and anything else they desire

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