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This Is What Makes You A Terrible Girlfriend, Based On Your Zodiac

There are so many things that no girl would tolerate in a boyfriend. Things that make men everything but relationship material.

However, we women aren’t perfect either, are we? So, what about the characteristics that make you a lousy and crappy girlfriend?

The things that classify you as a girlfriend from hell? What is the one thing about you that gave headaches to all of your ex-boyfriends?


The thing that makes you a bad girlfriend is the fact that you make decisions regarding your relationship without consulting your partner first.

Hey, being an independent, self-sufficient woman is awesome, but don’t forget that you’re a part of a couple now and behavior like this doesn’t make you good girlfriend material.


What makes you a terrible girlfriend are your high expectations. As soon as your boyfriend doesn’t meet all of your impossible standards, you don’t hesitate letting him know how much he’s disappointed you.

Besides, you keep showing him that you could do better than him, which is enough to make any man feel underappreciated.


You always put your friends in front of your boyfriend.

Nobody is asking you to stop socializing just because you’re in a relationship, but this is your life partner now and you have to give him the place he deserves in your life.

You can’t go out with your BFF every day, while seeing your BF once a week, then expect him to be cool with it.


You’re too clingy and needy. There, I said it.

You’re a terrible girlfriend because you want all of your boyfriend’s free time just for yourself. You want him to disregard his entire life just because of you. You and I both know that’s not how a healthy relationship functions.


The thing that makes you a bad girlfriend is the fact that, somehow, you always manage to make yourself look like a victim in every possible situation.

Even when you’re the one to blame for something going wrong, you try your best to turn the tables to your advantage.

Naturally, sooner or later, every man will grow tired of being the bad guy all the time.


What makes you a terrible girlfriend is your desire for perfectionism.

You don’t see it, but as soon as you grow to love someone, you turn into a nagging pain in the ass and no man likes that.

Let your boyfriend be himself and your relationship will be much better.


Having a girlfriend who never complains sounds like every guy’s dream come true, right? However, you take this diplomacy thing too far.

Instead of talking about the things that bother you, you expect your boyfriend to read your mind and to make all the changes you expect of him, without you ever actually telling him.


The thing your boyfriend hates about you is the fact that you never forget. Even when you forgive him for a mistake he’s made, it seems that you hold grudges forever.

Besides, you never miss the opportunity to rub his wrongdoings in his nose.


Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the truth is that you have trouble staying faithful.

You appreciate your freedom so much that sometimes you’re ready to cheat on your partner just to prove to yourself that he doesn’t have any control over you.


You’re judgmental and, what’s even worse, you don’t know when it’s time to be supportive. Instead of lecturing your boyfriend on his mistakes, for once try being his shoulder to cry on.

Show him that you understand him and that you’re there for him, even when he does something wrong.


If you were born under this sign, the thing that makes you a terrible girlfriend are your strict boundaries. You’re too cold and your boyfriend feels like you’re deliberately excluding him from your world.

In fact, sometimes he even sees himself as nothing more than a bystander in your life.


As a Pisces, you have unrealistically high standards. You want your partner to be extremely romantic all the time and for your entire relationship to resemble a chick flick.

Well, honey, sadly, that is not how the real world works.

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