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Do you follow your instincts no matter what the reason tells you, no matter what the people who love you tell you? Or are you one of those who totally ignore the sensations that a person, a place or a situation transmit to you? It is true that there are more intuitive signs than others, there are signs that have a very, very witty side and are almost capable of guessing the future. Without a doubt, there are others who are more of living the present and of being much more rational. Here is the ranking of the most intuitive signs.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is a very sensitive sign, sometimes too much, and it is also very emotional. All this is very close to your intuition. Since being so emotional and so empathetic is able to feel what another person is feeling, without even knowing what happens to that person. Pisces always knows if there is someone who is having a bad time, if there is someone upset or if there is any strong emotion in the environment. Pisces intuition never fails, it is always accurate and you are always right.

Many times we criticize Pisces for being so emotional, but it is thanks to his emotions that he is where he is and that he gets everything he is getting. Sometimes you also criticize him for being too mystical and for letting himself be carried away by his most sorcerer side, but later, when you realize that he has always been right, you go to him/her to thank him. We should begin to value Pisces intuition much more because it is no-nonsense.

  1. Virgo

It is rare to see an earth sign on the top of this ranking, but Virgo is the exception that breaks the rule. Virgo perfectly knows how to find the balance between being intuitive and being more rational. Virgo’s intuition comes thanks to being so understanding, so intelligent, so experienced. Virgo has lived a lot and although he has not lived in his own flesh, surely someone close to him/her, if he has lived. It is that experience that warns you when something is not going well or, on the contrary, that tells you to continue on that path because it can go very far.

However rational it may be, Virgo will always heed his instincts and what he feels at that moment. Virgo’s intuition is super useful both for himself and for all the people around him. That’s why their advice is usually so accurate and so valuable. Virgo always knows everything he says and knows the meaning of his words. Virgo’s motto could be “better safe than sorry” and that is why he pays so much attention to his right intuition.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is known for being very emotional and a person very connected with their feelings. It’s like Pisces, is able to feel what the other person feels, is able to notice when something goes wrong. Cancer is very much to get carried away by the energies, by the vibration that people transmit to it, so it feels the first time that it meets someone. His sorcerer side is always right and that is why the time has told him that the best thing he can do is always give his intuition the reason.

With Cancer, there are always words left over, you don’t need to tell him what’s happening to you, he probably knows it even before you realize what is happening to you. But still, he will want to hear from you and then give you his advice. Advice that you should always apply to your life because if Cancer tells you it is for something. Cancer could be almost a gift and is something that is not really valued as much as it deserves. The crab’s intuition never fails, so it’s time to pay more attention to it than it is now.

  1. Scorpio

What to say about Scorpio? It is the witch sign par excellence. Not only for his intuition but for that aura of mystery and darkness that always goes to his side. Scorpio’s intuition is very close to analyzing people, to know what is behind it, to perfectly notice if you are being sincere or if, on the contrary, it is lies that speak for you. Scorpio is better than ever dare to lie to him because you can end up very badly.

Scorpio note, go, feel in your eyes what each and every one of your intentions are. Even before you have lied to him, he already knows that you are going to lie to him, he already knows what your way of acting is going to be. There are times that are scary and scary because, with one look, Scorpio already knows what is behind you. It is your intuition that helps you analyze people in this way. And it is his intuition also that has saved him from many, that has protected him when he has fallen into the network of the wrong person. Scorpio’s intuition is always accurate and that for himself is something that helps him a lot …

  1. Libra

Libra’s intuition usually goes unnoticed and not enough is spoken about her. Perhaps, because he does not externalize it so much and because it is something that Libra keeps for himself. It is not of those people who go around giving advice and read the minds of everyone. Libra is always guided by his intuition, but he also knows that there are times when being more rational is the best option. Of course, Libra perceives everything that is happening around him and that is not thanks neither more nor less than his intuition.

He is able to perceive feelings, emotions, bad vibes, problems … Libra knows and notices. And best of all, it is thanks to that intuition that can be put into the eyes and skin of another person. There is much talk about Libra’s empathy and everything is, neither more nor less, thanks to his intuition. Libra may not be able to see the future because believe me if it were, it would not be so indecisive. Libra’s intuition is more present when it comes to connecting with other people or connecting with oneself. It is time to give Libra intuition the importance it deserves and give it many more times the reason.

  1. Aries

Being a sign of fire, Aries is a person who feels very much. A person to whom there are moments that his own emotions surpass him. Aries, more than intuitive, is a person who gets carried away by energies and vibrations. An Aries will never be able to intuit or know when something is going to go wrong. Your intuition is more to help you choose the right path, to show you how you should do things so that everything goes well. The problem with Aries is that he doesn’t pay much attention to his intuition and that’s why what happens to him later.

Being so impulsive, Aries doesn’t think and doesn’t have time to listen to his inner voice, his intuition. If he were a little more patient, if he had time to listen to his intuition, there is no doubt that things would be better for Aries and he would not end up in love with the wrong person or making a decision that suits him at that time. Yes, Aries is intuitive, but the only fault is that he doesn’t pay as much attention to his intuition as he should …

  1. Gemini

Needless to say, Gemini has a very successful sorcerer’s eye, but there are times when he fails. Gemini is one of those people who knows what you’re going to say before you even open your mouth. In that aspect, he is a super intuitive person. He is very open-minded and that is why his intuition feels free to do what he wants. Cheating Gemini is not an easy thing, because you will quickly discover it.

Nothing escapes Gemini, not even a single detail. The problem is that there are times when you get too carried away by the signals and those signals are not always true. Yes, there are times that do not fail and that thanks to her are where she is today. But there are other times, that he trusts his intuition too much and that trust is blind. The problem with Gemini is that it is a bit superstitious, blinds in front of the signs and believes that it will take a long way. But this is not the case, there are times when you should be more rational and pay attention to what the people you love say and, above all, pay attention to what your reason tells you.

  1. Leo

With Leo, it is somewhat contradictory. Because yes, he has a great intuition, but rarely he hears it. Leo is more than being carried away by his feelings, by his impulses, by that power he has inside. It is one of those people who prefers to live, prefers to make mistakes and make mistakes before making everything perfect or rather than staying with the desire to have done it. That’s Leo, brave and without fear of anything, that’s why he doesn’t have to be intuitive and heed his intuition.

Be careful, because the times you intuit do not fail, but they are rarely the ones that heed your intuition. He wants to live life with his more and his less and knows that if he pays attention to the signs, in the end, he will not live everything he wants to live.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius can have a very good intuition, what happens is that he does not feel like paying attention to him or being carried away by her. Sagittarius is more about living life as it comes, with its more and it’s less. He wants to live the present without worrying about the future or about what is to come. It can be very intuitive if you intend to be honest, your intuition rarely fails, but you prefer not to be. He prefers things to come as they have to come, period. And yes, it may be that because it gets into trouble, trouble, and end with a broken heart. But also, thanks to being like this, he lives experiences that perhaps the most intuitive signs will ever live.

Sagittarius prefers to be a free soul rather than being a slave soul of his intuition. And you may sometimes criticize Sagi for being a person a little crazy, rebellious and not very responsible, but you should start to realize that he is living things that you will never live and that your criticism doesn’t matter to Sagi.

  1. Aquarius

Of the air signs, Aquarius is the least intuitive because it is more to get carried away and prefers to pay attention to other types of signals. Yes, there may be times when you have hunches or when certain people transmit a certain type of energy, but rarely will Aquarius be carried away by their intuition.

Aquarius is a free soul in every way and paying attention to your intuition is not exactly a type of freedom. It is a sign that does not pay attention to ANYONE, rebellious by nature. There are times that he doesn’t even listen to his voice inside, so it was expected that he wouldn’t listen to his intuition either. And there will be signs that put their hands to the head and criticize Aquarius for being so, but he/she doesn’t care. Aquarius does not want to be a slave to anything, his intuition or the criticism he receives daily. He is a brave person who is able to face any type of situation that comes upon him.

  1. Taurus

There is no doubt that the earth signs, except Virgo, are the least intuitive. Taurus prefers to do things differently. He prefers to work hard, fight, find himself against a stone wall and realize that he was wrong rather than paying attention to his intuition. Things are like that. It is not because Taurus intuition fails, but because with the bull things do not work that way, period.

Ford Taurus, it is essential to fail and make mistakes because that is the only way to learn. If he listened to his intuition and let himself go, he would feel totally insecure and in the end, things would go wrong simply because of that insecurity. Taurus is not much to intuit, Taurus is more than paying attention to experience and memory. In order not to make the same mistake or not to end up failing again, Taurus prefers to resort to experience.

  1. Capricorn

The same happens with Capricorn as with Taurus but at extreme levels. Capricorn pays attention to reason 24/7 and there are even hours left. Any trace of intuition in your body, Capricorn will eliminate it immediately. Simply because yes, because he is so stubborn and prefers to do things in a much more rational way.

He is very realistic and always cares about keeping his feet on the ground, perhaps that is why it is not intuitive. Don’t ask Capri to get carried away because that is never going to happen. You will never see a Capricorn doing crazy things without first thinking about them or just paying attention to his intuition. Things with the goat work differently. They work thanks to their effort, their work, their intelligence and not thanks to the signals or the energy that something transmits to them. Things are like that and there is no more

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