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4 Zodiacs Who Should Avoid Their Crush This Weekend (Jan 13-15)

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While the best advice is often to “go for it” when you have a crush on someone, sometimes taking a step back and giving them space is the better move. The following signs should avoid their crushes this weekend to give them space, to stop smothering them, or just because they need a break. Are you on the list?

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Once you’ve found the person you like, the one that will actually make you want to leave the house on a Saturday night, you can be kind of clingy. Not in a smothering way or anything, but you add talking to them to your daily routine. Everyone needs space, and that includes your crush. If you’re not actually ready to make a move yet, it might be a good idea to get some space and show them–and yourself–that you can live without them. It’s just a few days. Show yourself that your world doesn’t have to revolve around this person. Heck, you could use the weekend to catch up on sleep.

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You’re a super flirty person and you’re not afraid to make moves when you like someone. But if your crush still hasn’t gotten the hint yet, you might want to pull back. Give them a break. Once they realize what it’s like not having you around to gas them up, they might realize that you’ve been basically all over them this whole time. Or you could just make the ultimate move and explicitly ask them out rather than flirting until they get the hint. Either one.

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While Taurus is a little clingy, Cancer can be downright smothering. When you like someone, they quickly become one of your emotional support animals. Take a break this weekend more for your crush’s sake than your own, Cancer. Although you sometimes forget it, you’re perfectly fine being alone. In fact, you could use this time to get to know yourself again. What are you like minus all the people in your life? What hobbies do you love? What are your favorite things? When you judge your life based on who’s in it, you start to lose yourself. Sure, this is just a weekend, but a lot can happen in a few days.

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You’re the type to agonize over a text to your crush for hours. You’ll send rough drafts to your friends or screenshot your crush’s responses and send them out to get everyone’s opinion. All this introspection and doubt manifests as mixed signals for the person you like. Sometimes it’s better to let your feelings for someone happen naturally in order for them to get it. Take the weekend away from all that to really get down to how you actually feel. Don’t analyze texts. Just ask yourself, “What do I like about this person?” Then start fresh next week with new purpose to show your natural self and not the one you’re curating for them.

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