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Ranking The 4 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs

Are you a jerk? I know, it’s not easy to admit your flaws. Yet they are completely part of our personality.

We cannot deny them. We cannot erase them. And we can even less hide them. In situations that get on our nerves, stress us out, or put us on edge, these flaws come right back to us.

It can be a fiery temper. It can also be selfishness or stinginess. In short, no one is perfect and the only thing we can do is accept that.

Then we can start working on our personal development. After all, if we don’t realize our flaws and accept them, how can we become a better version of ourselves?

You cannot move forward, change or improve if you are not honest with yourself.

Honestly, I thought my zodiac sign (Sagittarius) was one of the more stubborn. But I was wrong, Apparently there are at least four signs that are worse than less.

Indeed, they are stubborn by nature. Yet, they are also strong, passionate and very knowledgeable. Moreover, they also have unfailing courage.

So if your zodiac sign is on this list, don’t worry! Your fault does not define you. He is only part of your great personality. And it makes you who you are.

But clearly, when you have decided to do something, you go all the way! Nothing stops you, whether in work, your personal life or your love life.

I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer. Here are the 4 most popular signs according to the stars:


4. Aries

March 21 – April 20

People born under the sign of Aries are fiery, daring, courageous, passionate and enthusiastic. But they can also sometimes be stubborn. They like to take risks, which explains their stubborn nature.

Indeed, they can’t stand someone telling them that they can’t do something. Either because it’s dangerous, rude or stupid.

Natives of this sign like to make their own decisions, without listening to the opinions of others. Moreover, they do not ask anything of anyone. So better to avoid getting in their way.

You have been warned!


3. Scorpio

October 23 – November 22

People born under the sign of Scorpio are intense… Very intense! And they are ready to do anything to achieve their goals. Determination is what defines them the most.

But beware ! The natives of this sign do not steal their success. They work hard, they are dedicated and never give up.

This can be a great quality when it comes to the job. But this stubbornness can also cost them dearly. Often, these people engage in toxic relationships or unsatisfying professional plans.

It is therefore extremely important for them to understand to spot the moment when it is necessary to take a step back. Their stubbornness is their Achilles heel.


2. Leo

July 23 – August 23

People born under the sign of Leo have a fiery passion that burns deep within them. But they are also stubborn and do everything to achieve their plans.

Their stubbornness has a good side, however. Indeed, it allows them to explore new things, to fight against stereotypes and to fight against their fears.

Unfortunately this behavior can also lead them to a sedentary lifestyle. Indeed, the natives of this sign may have difficulty in shedding the pattern that they set for themselves.

But in a romantic relationship, this stubborn behavior teaches them to keep trying to make things work.


1. Taurus

April 21 – May 20

Finally, we arrive at the top of the list. Not surprisingly, the Taurus wins the prize! This earth sign is truly a stubborn animal. Indeed, the natives of Taurus are determined and tenacious.

If they have to make a decision, they do it alone and if someone tries to give their opinion or influence them, they completely refuse to make a choice.

And if they don’t feel like making a decision, no one can force them. And if it touches the future or any important topic, they take their time and always weigh the pros and cons.

Their stubbornness is a positive element in a romantic relationship because they constantly try to improve the bonds that unite them.

Even for work or study, when they have a goal, they keep trying to achieve it. But what people born under the sign of Taurus is change.

They are very stubborn so they refuse to accept them. And stamp their feet if things don’t go their way.

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