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Which ‘Shady Hollow’ Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Orville Braun

Aries, you’re a bold, assertive, and sometimes impatient figure. You’re a natural leader, and many people look up to you–just as the community of Shady Hollow appreciates and respects Orville’s work ethic. You don’t just rely on your bold personality to carry you through, though–you’re highly intelligent and dedicated to your work, whether that means following a policing guidebook or making your own rules as necessary.You can also be intensely impulsive, especially when it comes to your passions; like Orville, injustice and tense situations will cause you to leap into action no matter what, whether that includes sudden campaigning or jumping head-first into a rescue.

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Taurus: Joe Elkin

Taurus, you’re most like the beloved, steadfast presence of Shady Hollow: Joe Elkin, owner of Joe’s Mug. Since you value stability and routine, it’s no surprise that you’re most like the owner of the only consistent business in the entire town; your dedication to the daily grind can be intense, but it allows you to keep your cozy life in order. Not only are you practical and resilient, but others also tend to find your presence comforting and reassuring. You also have a knack for creating cozy, atmospheric spaces, just like how Joe is able to provide a staple creature comfort in the form of a well-run coffee shop.

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Gemini: Esmerelda von Beaverpelt

Gemini, you’re a friendly, sociable, and intelligent person. Much like Esme, you’re unable to sit still; even though the multifaceted beaver comes from a life of luxury, she chooses to work at Joe’s Mug to support herself and her family. Esme is known for her ability to balance it all; being a server, learning her regular’s orders, and even helping with the business’s accounts. She’s highly intelligent and always curious, striving to educate herself and learn more about her community through her work. She’s also very personable; she loves learning about her regulars and often stops for a chat with many of the friendly faces of Shady Hollow. These traits that you, Gemini, share with Esme make her well-liked amongst the town.

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Cancer: Lefty

Okay, Cancer, we’re matching your sign less with the thievery and more with the “heart of gold”. You have a deep sense of loyalty to your loved ones that Lefty also displays towards his partner and friends; surprisingly, the racoon is quite loving of his community, and consistently displays unwavering kindness and a willingness to help out (well, except when it comes to the police). He’s funny, playful, and somehow entirely endearing to readers and Shady Hollow citizens alike. He can also be sensitive–just like you, Cancer. Your protective instincts and caring nature make you and Lefty a little more aligned than you might originally think.

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Leo: Edith von Beaverpelt

Leo, you have a serious flair for the dramatic and a love of luxury. You might not be quite as nervous as Edith, but you love putting on a show–whether that involves showing off your classy style or dramatically embellishing stories. Behind your love of attention lies an intelligent, curious person, however; even though you love the spotlight, you know when it’s your time to shine and when it’s someone else’s. You channel even your most negative emotions into art and creativity (maybe not ice sculptures, though), and you have a sensible side that comes out every once in a while.

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Virgo: Howard Chitters

Virgo, you’re known for being absolutely meticulous about your work, just like friendly accountant Howard Chitters. Chitters is completely dedicated to his job (even if he comes across as being a little frazzled sometimes); he’s also organized, focused, and intelligent. He spots errors with ease–even the ones that are designed to be missed. He’s also loving and supportive when it comes to his family and community; like you, Virgo, Howard somehow manages to balance his overwhelming professional life with the endless support he provides to his loved ones.

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Libra: Vera Vixen

Libra, you have an uncanny ability to settle debates, much like Vera manages to reel in even the most heated conflicts. You’re an intelligent, curious person, and you’re just social enough to enjoy learning more about others–whether that’s through a formal interview or a casual chat. You somehow manage to navigate every social situation with grace, even when other people are seriously getting on your nerves. You’re always searching for understanding–even in the quiet town of Shady Hollow, you wouldn’t be able to leave any mysterious stone unturned. You don’t always need to take the lead in order to form a unique approach to solving your own curiosities, and you’re well-respected for that.

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Scorpio: Lenore Lee

Scorpio, of course your mystical and mysterious sign is most aligned with a raven who has an affinity for murder mysteries. Not only are you likely to be found curled up with a book on a rainy day, you also possess a natural ability to sense when something big is about to happen. You’re deeply loyal to your close friends and family, and are often touted for knowing exactly what they need from you at any given moment. You also love puzzles, riddles, and investigative work (even if it’s much more low-stakes than the Shady Hollow happenings), and you’re well-versed in the world of books and writers.

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Sagittarius: Professor Ambrosius Heidegger

Sagittarius, you might not always be as frustratingly wordy as this owl professor, but you certainly share many of his same values. You love learning and are a naturally curious person, and you enjoy connecting with others who share the same curiosity as you; Professor Heidegger is known for sharing his wisdom with the rest of the townsfolk during his evening classes. He’s also a relatively adventurous character, often ready with observations from his nighttime travels. You share a love of philosophy and a willingness to help others with kindness and honest advice.

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Capricorn: BW Stone

Capricorn, do you ever take a day off? Much like the confident and ambitious owner of the local Herald newspaper, you’re always on a deadline–and you’re all about achieving your goals. You’re not afraid to use unconventional methods to get there, either; let’s be honest, Capricorn, you might find yourself agreeing with BW Stone’s money-making methods every once in a while. Even though you’re dedicated to your work, you’re still disciplined enough to see sense; you care for the rest of your team, who is usually able to recognize you as a strong worker and leader (even if they’re not quite as dedicated to the job as you are).

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Aquarius: Sun Li

Aquarius, your talent for innovating and your solitary nature makes you most like Sun Li, a panda admired for his many abilities. He’s both a skilled doctor and a renowned chef, and though his restaurant hides in a solitary bamboo patch on the edge of town, he’s always ready to offer a wise word to those seeking advice. His culinary innovations are admired by everyone in Shady Hollow, and he’s always hard at work on his latest creation. You’re a visionary, Aquarius, and that makes you stand out from everyone else–but they’ll learn to love you for the unique perspectives and creations you provide.

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Pisces: Joe Elkin Jr.

Joe Jr. is a staple of Joe’s Mug, and it’s easy to see why. He tends to be a more optimistic character, always ready to share a story with Vera Vixen, and he’s extremely loyal to both his family and his coffee shop. He’s loved by all the townspeople and works hard at his job. He’s never afraid to ask for help, and he’s both intuitive and emotional at times; like you, Pisces, he’s always surrounded by his community and family.

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His role at Joe’s means he’s always ready to lend a helping hoof (and sometimes even a helping ear), and his part in the many mysteries of Shady Hollow often involve a balance between emotion and resilience (and delicious new pastries, of course)

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