Zodiac Signs

Pick Your Your Zodiac Sign For A Summer Adventure

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Aries: White-water rafting

Aries, you’ve got more courage than most other zodiac signs. Why not take yourself (and maybe some backup) on a white-water rafting trip? Not only will you get the chance to get outdoors and enjoy an extra-unique workout, but you’ll also get that adrenaline rush your sign loves to look for. Plus, you’ll get to brag to your friends about how adventurous you are.

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Taurus: Visiting a national park

Taurus, you sometimes struggle to get out of your comfort zone, but you also enjoy getting out into nature. What better way to explore at your own pace than by visiting a national park? Whether you want to do a casual day trip and enjoy creature comforts at a nearby hotel or get out in the wilderness with a solo camping trip, national parks give you more flexibility so you can enjoy a cozier adventure.

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Gemini: Open mic night

Gemini, you’re a social sign who’s big on trying new things – why not gather up your friends and head to an open mic night? You can show off your talents and enjoy a night out in your area – you might even meet some new connections while you’re at it. Whether you’re interested in a poetry reading or standup comedy, public speaking is something your sign tends to excel at thanks to your ruling planet Mercury.

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Leo: Visiting a historical theater

You’re a creative sign, Leo, and you’ve probably heard that you’re a bit of a drama queen, too. Why not take the opportunity to travel to a historical theater and get to see a show at the same time? Maybe you want to go big and visit the recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe – or maybe you just want to visit the fanciest theater in your area to catch a few live performances. Either way, a theater with detailed architecture and exciting performances is your best bet for adventuring this year.

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Virgo: Botanical garden visit

For you, there’s no better adventure than a day exploring a tranquil botanical garden – you could even take the opportunity to make a full trip of it and head for some of the biggest gardens in the world. Your attention to detail and your green thumb will make this the perfect trip for you, Virgo – you might even get some inspiration for your plant collection.

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Libra: Countryside B&B retreat

Libra, as a social sign who likes to relax every once in a while, you’d probably enjoy a quaint weekend away in the countryside. You’re someone who appreciates beauty in natural environments (and your mood tends to be greatly affected by your surroundings). For a sign who often struggles with burnout, some time spent in peace (with all your meals taken care of for you) could be the perfect adventure for you this year.

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Scorpio: Spelunking

You should probably hire a guide for this one, Scorpio. With your sign’s interest in the dark and macabre, spelunking could be an interesting adventure combo for you. Not only will it allow you to flex your adventuring skills, but you’ll also get to learn a lot about the natural history of an area and visit places most people have never ventured before. You’d probably be the kind of person to learn about spelunking horror stories to regale your tour group with, right?

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Sagittarius: A backpacking trip

Whenever you need to find yourself, Sagittarius, you prefer to do it alone – like, seriously alone. You’re a big fan of heading out into nature to clear your head, and a backpacking trip is the perfect 2024 adventure for you. Not only do you get to choose the terrain, length, and style of your trip, but it will also allow you to reflect on your year so far before it’s over. You usually find yourself coming out of the woods with a better understanding of yourself – the longer the better, right Sagittarius?

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Capricorn: Sailing expedition

Grab your Dramamine, Capricorn – you should head on a sailing expedition at some point this year. You enjoy accomplishing things that most other people wouldn’t be able to (and you always like to add a new skill to your belt). For you, an adventure isn’t an adventure if you don’t accomplish a goal while you’re at it. Learning to sail or staging an expedition of your own would give you a serious goal (and great memories to look back on) – as long as you get your sea legs quickly, of course.

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Aquarius: Stargazing tour

Did you know that your sign is most likely to have a fascination with astronomy, Aquarius? Heading out and away from any light pollution for a stargazing tour would be a fantastic 2024 adventure for you. Opting for a guided tour could give you more time to learn how to navigate the constellations and maybe even get to see a few planets up close and personal. You should opt for a trip that allows you to see (and learn about) the most populated night sky possible.

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Pisces: Wellness retreat

Pisces, your sign tends to be a little more spiritual – and you’re also big on self-care and creativity. A wellness retreat would be an adventure that leaves you refreshed, energized, and with new insights (and hopefully some new inspiration, too). Going on a wellness retreat adventure leaves you with plenty of options to pick from, whether you want physical activities like yoga and hiking or one that gives you time for physical self-care like meditation and spa days.

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